Surviving strength

Thursday came and went again. I wasn’t the happiest camper when I showed up for strength tonight and there was a SUB! Why wasn’t I notified?! Although it’s probably good that I wasn’t notified because then I probably would have skipped the class; and it ended up actually being a pretty good strength class! Another Friday and Saturday I’m sure I will feel the pain. Lots of arms and shoulders. Lots of squats. I really need to start posting videos of some of the moves we do during these strength classes because I just know you want to feel the pain too!

After leaving class, the first thing I did when I walked in the door, was pack my figure 8 band, resistance band, and jump rope in my bag to take to Texas next weekend. I’ve admitted before that I usually don’t work out or run when I’m on vacation, but I really want to while I’m in Texas because well, the weather is going to be GRAND, and when we come back home, it’ll be cold and snowy for a few more weeks. Yaaay for the hot sun for a few days! 🙂 Booo for cold and snowy for a few more weeks! 😦

Anyways, I did get in a little 2 mile run before strength tonight. I’m really on this speed kick since running on the treadmill a lot more. Here was my 2 mile breakdown:

.50 at 6.3 pace

.50 at 6.4 pace

.25 at 6.6

.25 at 6.7

.25 at 6.8

.25 at 7.0

Total time: 18:27



Ever since I started eating meat again, I’ve noticed a difference. And not a good one. So I’m trying to cut back again. Ya. Call me indecisive. So while PS2 had a burger tonight, I had the Horizon mac-n-cheese and veggies. He wanted green beans and I wanted brussel sprouts. We only had 1 clean pot left, so it became a green bean and brussel sprout medley. Yum.



Anyone watching the Olympics? I don’t always watch them – partly because we didn’t have cable for a while because 1. it’s freakin’ expensive and there still is never anything on! and 2. when we have cable, I either get 150% addicted to TV, or I just never even watch it because I don’t have time. But we have the local channels now, so I’m watching the Olympics this year! I now want to be a figure skater.

On that note, I gotta go watch!

Are you watching the Olympics? What’s your favorite sport to watch?? 

What about TV – favorite TV show???


4 thoughts on “Surviving strength

  1. Oh yes, I love watching the Olympics (and pretty much all sports!). I’m a bigger fan of the summer Olympics, but I’m sure I’ll get addicted to this winter one like usual. I love the figure skating too, but am also impressed with the snowboarding and anyone who can do awesome athletic things in the snow in general haha

    Have fun in Texas!


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