Friday = 8 miles. Pizza. Chocolate + Peanut butter.

Does it get any better than all that my friends?!?! No. No it does not! And you know what made it even BETTER?? THE SUN! Yup. The SUN WAS SHINING TODAY!!! THIS IS HOW EXCITED I WAS ON MY WAY TO THE GYM.

happy sun

I was stopped at a light by the way…

Even though the sun was out, it was 9 degrees, so I chose the heated gym. 8 miles listening to John Grisham. I may just find that I want to run on the treadmill even more now, because I just got notified from the library that my name is up on the wait list for Divergent – the audio book. Yay! Just in time to listen read the book before the movie comes out in March!

Anyway, my 8 mile run.


I’ve been having so much fun with speed lately that I tried to do some negative splits for the 8 miles.


2 miles @ 6.1

2 miles @ 6.2

2 miles at 6.3

1 mile @ 6.4

.50 mile @ 6.6

.25 @ 6.8

.25 @ 7.0

Total 77:21

I’m really digging the speed thing lately! It seriously has helped time on the treadmill go faster – and funner.

After the gym, I ran by Sams Club to get a pizza. One of the guys at work – who is also a pizza lover – told me that you can get a whole pizza at Sams for $9 and they are pretty good. So of course I had to try it. And lucky me because they had just taken a cheese pizza outta the oven!


Our thoughts: it was o.k. Of course I was happy because it was PIZZA, but it was kinda blah. I don’t think we would actually get it again. But maybe the pepperoni one or the supreme has more flavor?? I dunno, but the sauce had no “kick”. We like kick.

Will Run for Pizza – pizzapizza

The Hus – pizzapizzapizza

The mom – “I need to get her rating and update this :/

Ya, I actually rated it lower than The Hus…I shocked myself here.

Anyway, it was new pizza, so I’m happy about that.

Next up on the “new recipe” homefront this week – Fit Foodie Finds Coconut Chocolate Peanut Butter Snack Bars. I know. Just the name of the bars makes your mouth water eh? They are another “keeper” recipe. And they are vegan. Can I get an “amen”!?



I’ve never used brown rice syrup, but I think this will be a staple in my baking cupboard now. I wonder…can you substitute recipes that use corn syrup with the brown rice syrup??? That would make me very happy if you can!



I didn’t put the coconut IN the bars, and only put it on half because Boyzzz doesn’t like coconut. I know. Ridiculous.

Anyway, SUPER easy recipe! SUPER quick! SUPER yummy! It won lots of stars from The Hus and The mom. AND Will Run for Pizza. And you can bet your bottom dollar you can find lots of other yummy, healthy recipes on Lee’s blog at Fit Foodie Finds!

And that’s all for this lovely SUNNY, cold Friday! Now we’re watching cartoons because it apparently is “relieving stress”. (The Hus’ words, not mine.)

I’m thankful today for:

~other bloggers that post their wonderful, HEALTHY chocolate & pb recipes

~coconut oil – it’s been working wonders on my hair over the last couple of days.

~this video – SUCH an inspiration!!!


Oh! And I was thinking today…I know, scary…ya know how there is ‘Man vs. Food’?? I would like to create a show ‘Woman vs. Pizza’. And I will travel the WORLD eating pies. The whole pie. I mean, after I run 20 miles a day to earn the pie… 😉


19 thoughts on “Friday = 8 miles. Pizza. Chocolate + Peanut butter.

  1. I would like to join you on Woman vs. Pizza. I was thinkin of you today because right before I “went for my run” I started craving party pizza. Not sure if you’re familiar with it, but it’s red pizza (no cheese) that comes in rectangular strips. I’m not sure if it’s just a Rhode Island thing – I’ve only seen it there, and never heard of it until I met my husband. Have you ever tried something like that???


      • It’s crust with sauce on it. But it’s really GOOD sauce! We’re making it tonight for dinner so I’ll have to take a picture of it and post it so you can see what it looks like!


  2. Bad pizza is seriously heart breaking. I think I have tried a slice there years ago and was highly disappointed. Damn you, Sam’s Club! Great run! The only way I can do the treadmill is to alternate the speed basically every 25 seconds. UGH i hate it so much.


  3. love that I found your blog! I will certainly run for pizza too. I was just talking to my parents last night about what food we would choose to eat for the rest of our lives for every meal. I chose pizza lol.

    I cannot run on the treadmill ughhh I can do like 2-3 miles but I havent been running much because it is just too cold. I have not tried audio books yet so maybe that’s the solution!

    Patty from SITS Blogging 🙂


  4. Not to be creepy, but… your blog may be my soulmate. I’m 97% sure I could run a marathon if only someone would run ahead of me, dangling a piece of cheese pizza in my face. So glad to have found you through SITS! Was the brown rice syrup good? I’ve never heard of it before, but I’m thinking it would be pretty boss in pecan pie, too. Also- as I sit here eating coconut yogurt- what & how does someone not love the creamy, tropical goodness that is coconut? What & how, Phil? 😉


  5. Both of these look delicious but man am I jealous of that pizza. I recently moved from New Haven, CT which has THE BEST pizza and I miss it so much. The pizza where I live now is kind of…well, not so hot. I’d run for pizza, I’d do anything for pizza right now. Ha!


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