Weekend workouts and random confessions.

Confession: I’m pretty crabby today. I was even crabby yesterday. And I don’t even have a reason really. I’m not pms-ing. I’m not stressed out. The Hus has done nothing wrong. I’m just really short tempered this weekend. I thought workouts were supposed to release happy endorphin’s??  I think when The Hus gets to Heaven one day, he’ll probably have a few extra gems in his crown just for dealing with me on earth. #Fact

Confession: I can be very VERY lazy. But I also have a hard time slowing down and just “being still”. What the heck is UP with THAT?! I sometimes feel like my nephew when he was like 4. If you just watched him, you could tell that while he was playing with something, his eyes were scanning the entire city for what he could get into next. And then, in the blink of an eye, he was a mile away playing with something else – all within a matter of 10 seconds. Sometimes I feel like that. I’ve been having a hard time just “staying in the moment” lately.

Confession: Last winter, I actually enjoyed hibernating like a bear the whole winter. It was my excuse to sit on the couch – or bed – be lazy, eat, watch lots of TV, and be responsible for absolutely nothing. I thought I would look forward to the same thing this winter – and not complain about winter or the snow, but I’m having a hard time. I’m sick of winter. The end.


Ok Nikki. Snap the heck out of it!

Backtracking to Saturday…my mom and I went to total body conditioning at 9:15. Since I’m trying to get more strength training in, I figured a 3rd strength workout in one week would be good. It was. It was so good that I ended up taking a 2 hour nap after a nice, hot shower!

Oh, and this was a good idea after my strength class too:

IMG_2669 IMG_2671

My mom and I had stopped at The Vitamin Shoppe to get some Nuun after the gym, and when I saw these, I grabbed one. I hadn’t had one in awhile and forgot how good they were! If you haven’t had an Orgain shake, you should try them! They are very tasty and have a “clean” ingredient list and have around 16 grams of protein. And they come in Vanilla, Chocolate and Mocha.

We had the usual movie night last night with my mom and watched 2 really good movies. They were so good that I don’t even remember the names of them…I sometimes wonder why I even bother watching movies because by the next day, I never remember what I watched – even if I DID stay awake the whole time! I am forever picking out movies and Philco is like, “we’ve seen that!” And I’m like, “I haven’t!” And then when he starts to tell me what it was about, I still don’t remember watching it!

This morning my mom and I went to yoga and then sat in the hot tub for 15 minutes. Needless to say, my body has felt stretched out and very relaxed all day.

And this post-workout meal is seriously the best ever – Chocolate mint Clif Builders bar:



In other news, I’m being pretty productive today. Phillipi and I got the house cleaned, and now I’m organizing and re-arranging my Pinterest food boards! I know. Such excitement! It was too time-consuming going through ALL my food pins while standing in the middle of the grocery store aisle. But I LOVE the fact that while you are in the grocery store, you can look through your “recipe book/board” on your phone, find something (chocolate & peanut butter) to make, and check the ingredients right there to make sure you have everything!  Now instead of 1 recipe board, the recipes are categorized like the rest of humanity has been doing since the beginning of Pinterest.

Now, back to editing my boards! Have a great rest of your Sunday! 🙂



8 thoughts on “Weekend workouts and random confessions.

  1. Did you get enough sleep this past weekend? I tend to have a short temper when I don’t get enough sleep…which I didn’t until today (and I slept until noon, which isn’t like me at all!). I had a massive headache this past weekend, which was probably due to lack of sleep, but then I couldn’t fall asleep because of my horrible headache. I know…chicken/egg syndrome.

    And on another random note…do you drive a Porsche? I saw your steering wheel and saw the “P” on it, and immediately jumped to conclusions. I understand if you don’t want to comment for privacy reasons. If you do drive one, I’m very jealous! A Porsche Cayenne is my dream car.


    • You may be on to something – my sleep was pretty lousy because we “camped out” on the couch Friday and Saturday night. I don’t sleep well on the couch, but The Hus likes to camp on the couch on the weekends…
      As far as my car – I ain’t THAT highfalutin! haha It’s just an old Pontiac Grand Prix. But I could see how the ‘P’ could misrepresent. 😉


  2. I tried one of clif builder bars in the cookies and cream flavor and was so disappointed I don’t think I can bring myself to try another flavor.

    It’s ok to be crabby. This has been the longest winter ever and there’s still like 2 months left. ugh.


  3. I’m not a fan of cliff cars, but that one isn’t bad. It’s good for when I’m in a pinch and don’t have any other options. I’m a huge fan of Quest…drool. lol


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