Sun = happiness

We made it! It’s sunny and supposed to get up to 80 today! Woohoo! Already hit the hot tub up last night!


I don’t have wireless here, so I either won’t be posting much or you will get posts in pictures 🙂

Can you believe we ran into some high school friends at the Cleveland airport and actually flew on the same flight with them to Dallas? How often does that happen?!? I typically don’t think about ever running into anyone at the airport! Haha It was good seein’ ya Joanna and Randy! Lol

And now we’re off to have lunch!


10 thoughts on “Sun = happiness

  1. 80 degrees sounds heavenly. We’ll be in the mid 60s again today. It’s a nice change from all this frigid weather. You never know when you’re run into someone. My first year in college(in Texas), I ran into a former elementary school classmate (from California) that I hadn’t seen in 8 years. You just never know.


  2. I feel like I run into people I know more when I’m oh vacation than I do in my own hometown! How weird is that?
    I’m jealous of your warm weather, BUT I just booked a vacation to go down to South Carolina in April, SO I’m pretty psyched about that!


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