Vacation update and SO much more.

So. I’m officially back from vacay. Boo. But then I’m off again tomorrow. I know. Buuuut! The Hus is having a little gall bladder removal surgery tomorrow, so I’ll be with him all day. Waiting on him hand and foot like he does for me. Hopefully he’s not as needy as I am when I’m sick or recovering…

Texas vacation. With my sister. Visiting our Nana. Priceless. Well, it wasn’t really priceless, but you know what I mean…It’s priceless spending time with the G-parents. I expected it to be hard on me because our Papa went to Heaven a year ago, so it was just us and our Nana. I had to fight tears numerous times, and finally lost it when my mom and I were driving back to Columbus from Cleveland. And then again when I got home and I was catching up with Phil. Anyway, before I lose it again…let’s move on. Bittersweet memories and we had a great time with her.

So. Our trip started with donuts. Yuppers. My mom and I finally stopped at the local bakery – Schneider’s – in downtown Westerville. Let’s just say if I ever become a morning runner, I will need to carry a few bucks in my shoe…1 more reason I’ll just stop trying to become a morning runner…

schneiders donuts

We found out they have been in business for over 60 years and there has only been 2 owners. The new owner worked for the original owner and never changed anything. She said you can barely read the recipe cards because they are so old.

Next stop: more sugar and caffeine!


I mentioned before that we ran into some high school friends while we were waiting to board. How crazy is that?! They were on the same flight. A few rows in front of us. Crazy.

Our lovely, brand new plane. Oh how I love flying.


I love flying. But I couldn’t figure out why the tables were so small…


Thank God my sister was there to set me straight!


Flight reading. (I just LOVE flying!)


Must. Run. This. Race!


Sisters. Sisters. There were never such devoted sisters, Never had to have a chaperon, no sir,…oh. Sorry. I’m done singing.


Our Nana told us that we were going to a concert right after we landed, so we brought Chipotle with us and ate on our flight. It’s been a while since I had Chipotle! That salad never lets down. I even skipped any rice because it makes me so bloated, and it was STILL good!


Hallelujah for sun and palm trees right off the plane! In case I forgot to mention it, flying is one of my favorite things to do…


At the concert. Which was really good! And funny. I forget who we even saw, but he is 83 years old and has been an actor, on broadway, and a singer.


Here is the story of my life: Last year, my Nana and Papa drove me out to this restaurant (about 40 minutes west), and when we got there, it was closed. For good. No clue why. My sister had went out to visit them a month after I was there last year, and they took her an hour away to this hotel/restaurant to eat. So my sister mentioned it since I hadn’t gone there last year, and so we drove there Friday to have lunch. The restaurant was closed. For good. At least until they get new owners. So we just ate a little Mexican diner – which was still really good! But on the way home, we stopped at the other restaurant that was closed last year, because we found out they were reopened. We just got a margarita and sat in the sun. Apparently the owner was sick for a while, but was back and had reopened the restaurant. It was so cool and relaxing there.

el charco


Saturday – TAMALES!! We ate lunch there Saturday and then went back on Monday to get some frozen to bring home! Dinner tonight was yummy TAMALES! 🙂



I actually did manage to do a little 2 mile run one morning and use my resistance bands! Our Nana keeps us busy though, so there wasn’t a ton of time. Plus I like to spend every minute I can with her. 😉 I hate that she lives so far away. 😦

run around nanas hood


Don’tcha love their “rock yards”?!

I told my mom that next year, when she is “of age”, she should buy the house across the street from her.



Post run. Reliving my childhood dreams of racing in the Iditarod. True story. After I had visited my cousin in Alaska and rode a dog sled, I decided I wanted to do the Iditarod. I never did. And now I don’t even want to because I now hate the cold.



I have decided I want to retire the way my Nana and Papa retired. In their little retirement community with cactus – cacti?



Riding around in their golf carts gossiping with all the neighbors about how Martha wasn’t at potluck. And Walter bought more poker cards from the activities budget when the director already bought a bunch of new cards.

IMG_2821 IMG_2834


And lots of cards and games. LOTS of cards and games. We were raised playing cards with Nana and Papa. And you don’t cheat, and you follow the book! Nana will huff and puff and yell at you if you don’t play right. We played lots of games/cards with Nana and also had a girls card night with Nancy, Shirley, and Linda. LOTS of laughing! (I have pictures somewhere…)


And pool volleyball Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays at 4. We played twice. SO fun. Grandparents are crazy.



Bird watching.



We also went to get reflexology foot massages. With essential oils. If you have never heard of essential oils, Young Living oils are like medicine! Without all the side effects. And when you add them to a reflexology foot massage, they go directly to the source of your problems. My mom and I actually signed up to sell the oils while we were there – more to just buy and use them and not so much to sell them. I’m excited to get my kit and start using them regularly!

I think 5 cent missed my tablet more than me…



But bribery worked for one picture with Aunt Nickelbag! 😉



Came home to Valentine’s presents from Philco.

valentines day


P.S. These Pamela Whenever bars are YUM! And gluten free if your into that!

And then back at the gym tonight for kickboxing!



You’ll be relieved to know that I finally got a new GPS watch! It’s a Timex Ironman. PINK! It’s charging at the moment, but after I play with it, I’ll give ya a review on it!



Between a gift card and a coupon, I stole it for $30. I knoooow!!

So. I think that’s it for today friends! Hope your week is going great!

Do you like flying? Do you sleep on the plane?? Read??? Watch movies???? 

Favorite trip you’ve ever taken?

Things I’m thankful for today:

~Grandparents. God was really smart when He created grandparents. They are grand.



~card games!


12 thoughts on “Vacation update and SO much more.

  1. Wow, you have family all over the country…Texas, Alaska…from one big state to another! I saw you posted on my blog tonight, but wanted to let you know IN CASE you missed it that I posted my party pizza recipe just for you. 🙂

    I hope you try it out and rate it one of these Friday nights. And if you think it’s awful, I won’t be offended.


  2. I flew to Europe in 2004 for a trip to Italy and France. The trip was amazing… the flights… not so much. Taking the red-eye flights in coach is NOT FUN when you have some giant behind you telling you not to recline your seat because it hurts his knees. If I ever go back… first class all the way!


    • Oooo I’m sure that was a great vacay!!! I’ve never flown a red eye flight…how someone would have the nerve to tell you not to put your seat back is beyond me! He should have known better and got first class for the leg room!


  3. Grandparents are seriously the best. I only have one grandparent left and he means the world to me. All of my other grandparents have a very special place in my heart and always will. They teach us so many things and important life lessons ❤
    I'm glad you had such a great vacation!!!


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