Thinking out loud #1.

I have been wanting to get in on this the last 2 weeks, but have failed – linking up with Amanda at Running with Spoons for:

thinking out loud

Finally, here I am this Thursday, joining in the linkup fun! So here are my random thoughts today. Really, more than this being all of my thoughts from today, they are quotes that I have pinned on Pinterest that, as I was going through them today, they struck a chord with me. Again. Obviously I pinned them for a reason…

1. 134b82f2c7df95e9ebe37951a0ac0f38


2. aab8f00fd8e5b6a1ecb383bdc94a19f6


3. defa35b82e8c565af5cdb45776173660


4. 48bd1d9a974d85c22385c00b521ca435


5. 87d8e6aa48b9352505cf3934491e52ed


6. 556bf78bbb6e7d21c0806c316ad177f2


7. 95f4ff89b541552781a3b4a6162456a5


8. 7d5a7dd92d5deeeaae15542a43f90ce0


9. 613d3a0c4e2d22fb5ca1831340e1868b


10. 07969a2fb037767579100c1825e7a8a6




8 thoughts on “Thinking out loud #1.

  1. Glad to have ya this week, girl 😀 And I’m lovin’ all these quotes! The last one is basically the idea I live my life by, and the one with the flip phone seriously made me laugh out loud. Oh gosh… I still remember my first one — it wasn’t even a flip phone. It was an old bricky Nokia thing that I don’t even think COULD text. Oh the good old days 😆


    • Thanks! Yes! Running quotes would definitely make a fun post too! Something only runner could appreciate! Lol Yup, even if your not into “religion” or even spiritual, life just has a way of giving you what you NEED. Or maybe we just figure out how to NEED – or appreciate – what we’re given?!


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