FUN on Friday!

Ended up staying home today to be Philco’s personal nurse – his request. Since the anesthesia has worn off, he was a little nicer of a patient today – not AS demanding. 😉 We’re pretty close to being even in taking care of each other now. I mean, if you don’t include the time he had to clean up after me. When I don’t even know what hit me, but I was passing out repeatedly and laying in bed and couldn’t control ‘it’ coming out of both ends. At the same time. Yes, I totally just admitted all of that to the world wide web. At least this isn’t a movie right? I told ya I was an open book!  My poor Hus. I have just been asking him to make sure that never happens to him because I don’t think I could clean it up like he did for me. So I guess I’ll rescind what I just said – we aren’t even. I suppose we’re just in training for what it will be like when we’re 90. 🙂 You can go ahead and laugh now. If you haven’t already.

Anyways, I wasn’t allowed to go to the park today because “he never left my side for a week after my surgery”. Bah. It’s been so long since I’ve had a good run – what, 10 days? – that i’m acting just as delirious as he is all hopped up on percoset (sp?). It’s supposed to be 53 and sunny tomorrow, so I think I may try to sneak outta the house tomorrow while he’s napping. Is that bad??

So our day today was:


Scrambled eggs with onions, dill, cheese and hot sauce. With Nana’s oatmeal bread!


Saved by the Bell.


Veggie pizza for dinner for my mom and I. (PS2 hates tomatoes…he’s still on soup anyways.)

And now we’re watching movies and I’m baking cookies to take to church tomorrow for kids church on Sunday. Partyin’ hard up in here!

Do you have any fun plans for the weekend?

Watch any good movies lately?? We watched Runner Runner last night and Enders Game today – good movies!!


OHHH! ALSO! I DID buy a groupon today for Zero’s pizza!! Soon as Philco is back to eating regularly, we’ll be heading there to give you a review! I’m excited to try this place because they have gluten free crusts!!


6 thoughts on “FUN on Friday!

  1. You two are too cute! I try to take care of my husband when he’s sick, and he tries to act all tough like he doesn’t need to be taken care of. But he always takes really good care of me!


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