Saturday and a run in the sun!

Yup, I sure did sneak outta the house today to go for a run while The Hus was taking a nap! IT WAS 50 DEGREES OUT! I HAD TO! 🙂 Of course, as soon as I got to the park, the vet called and said my child was ready for pick-up. My mom had met me at the park, so I figured since I was there, I’d just get 4 miles in and then go get my kid.



I tried out my new Timex ironman watch. Anytime I am using a new app or watch or something, I always use the previous “thing” I had been using – just to make sure the new one works right. Call me crazy. Glad I used my Nike app on my phone because the new watch didn’t even track and record my distance! If I can’t figure out how to change the settings to ‘outdoor’, and can’t figure out how to see my mileage, it’s too complicated a piece of technology for me and I give up. I gave up. I ended up at Dicks tonight to get the Garmin Forerunner 10. In green – even better than pink! 😉

garmin 10


So now I can’t wait for another run to try this watch out!

I came home from my run to this:

sad phil


So sad. 😦 Every time I left the house, I came home to this picture.

He did manage to help me with breakfast this morning! And if you’ve never tried this chocolate milk, you should. It’s. The. BEST!

breakfast of champions


Since I wrapped him up ‘like a gloworm’ today for his nap, he turned the TV to A&E for a home demolition show because he knows how much I LOVE those shows!

give and take


‘Gloworm’. Brings back memories eh?! lol

Now it’s movies and wine! Trying a new wine tonight too and it’s really good – very smooth.



Let’s reminisce. Favorite childhood toy/game/thing that you don’t hear much of anymore? Or they don’t make them anymore.

What GPS running device do you use for running/workouts? Do you use a HR monitor??

I am SO thankful today for 50 degrees!!!!!!! And screen doors.


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