I snuck out again.

Well, I sorta snuck out again today for a run. While Phillipi was working on homework, I used it as an excuse to “sneak out” for another little 4 mile run. He tried acting all sad that I was leaving him home alone, but since he was upstairs working on homework, my case was pretty solid. 😉

It was a little colder today, but it was definitely ‘running outside’ weather. And there is nothing better than seeing the snow melting. (Ya, it was a ‘color’ kinda day.)

february 23



I used my new Garmin Forerunner 10 today – MUCH better! SUPER easy to set up and use – which is what I need because i’m not smart enough for complicated technology with more than a few buttons/options. Probably why I am good at playing Atari or Nintendo, but playing Xbox or PS25 is too complicated for me.

Anyhow, it worked great and since I used my Nike app on my phone as well, I know that it is accurate.

february 23 run


4 miles in 40:21. Not only did I want to run slow because the back of my left knee was slightly sore, but once I started running, I realized I couldn’t have ran faster if I wanted to! Why is it so hard to run on the trails/roads after a long winter of treadmill running?! I hate that. I even got passed by a man that was probably 25 years older than me. Running up a hill. I guess it just makes you realize that you can run and be healthy and be in great shape no matter how old you get. Oh well. I got in 4 and I feel better about myself. 🙂

Well, that was my big day today! Aside from doing some laundry, watching LMN, taking a nap, and making vegetable soup for PS2 because the soup I bought for him at the store has too much sodium for his liking. (I’m not allowed to add salt to anything and if it has too much sodium – according to his standards – I’m not allowed to buy it. 😉 )

Hope everyone had a great weekend and y’all are rested up for the work week ahead! 😉



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