Controlling life.

With the lack of energy a few days this week, Philco being home alone all day and wanting entertained when I get home from work, working overtime every day this week, the upstairs toilet flooding the living room, and ya, know, life happening, I’ve been a bad blogging friend. 😦 AND a bad cardio junkie. 😦 But as long as I can control my life today (<insert hysterical laughter>), I’ll DEFINITELY be getting in my strength workout tonight and giving you all my latest “news” tonight! I know, my daily news is SO exciting that you are going to be anxious all day just waiting for tonight’s post. Simmer down friend. 😉

Anyways, I hope you have a GREAT Thursday and an awesomer workout today!! (Awesomer IS a word. Don’t look it up though. I’m sure it’s not in the Webster’s dictionary. yet.) TWO DAYS LEFT TIL THE WEEKEND!! 🙂


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