Grab some coffee (or wine), let’s have a date and chat.

I feel like I haven’t posted anything in forever. But to be honest, the first part of this week I was so tired and depressed, that I didn’t even want to post anything because I don’t like being negative. But I want to be real. But not too negative. 😉 And I didn’t get workouts in Monday or Tuesday. So there was that. I don’t really know why, but every month, I forget that Aunt Joy is about to come visit. And so I start feeling all the excitement side effects and think I’m all depressed and failing at life – on top of the winter blues – and so obviously it’s just a downward spiral from there on out – or until ‘she’ gets here. Then I’m like, “OOOOOOHHHHHHHHH! hiiiiiiiii. YOUR why I was tired, moody, emotional, sad, eating like it was the last food I would have for the rest of my life, and breaking out like I was 13! I’m NOT really failing at life and need to get on anti-depressants right this minute!”

And then The Hus showed me this video the other night. I’m sure you have 4 minutes and 26 seconds to watch it. 😉

After watching it, I thought, “THIS is why my goal when blogging is to be real.” I think that social media has turned into a platform where we all just post our great victories and then that is all people see. People can’t relate with that crap! And let’s be real, your life isn’t all pizza and peanut butter great victories e’ryday, all day! Life has a funny way of getting “real”. For EVERYONE! And so this little world of mine, is meant to show me. The real me. The good, the bad, and the ugly. Sure, there are some things that should be kept private. Or just shared with close family/friends. But for the most part, I think it helps relationships when people can see you are real, and you have real struggles, and real victories. They can relate to you. You can relate to them. If your the prayin’ kind, they/you know how to pray. And on the same note, it’s important to keep things balanced. If you have a lot to complain about, make sure your being equally thankful and positive. Know what I’m sayin’?!

So anyway, after watching this video, I decided that I wasn’t gonna just hide the fact that I was having a rough couple of days this week and had 0! energy. We may not be sitting across the table having a real conversation, but we still “talk”  and can have a supportive environment. Know what I’m sayin’?! I mean, we may be running a marathon together someday and will need some SUPPORT during that 26.2! 😉

<Insert breath> So.

1. THIS is how I know God loves me.


2. I’m not sure what this is on my window, but ain’t nobody been orderin’ any more of it!



3. This is a true story.



4. Obviously I walked in the door last night at 10:00 to a dark house and a bright flash going off. No pictures with it yet though because neither one of us knows how to use a fancy camera like this little Nikon D3100. Apparently the reviews for it said it was good for beginners. Like us G’s. Now, Boyzzz has needed to find a hobby for a while now, and when he mentioned photography a while ago, he had my full support. Not that he usually doesn’t, but I may have gone OVER supportive because he has really needed to find a hobby for a while now! A healthy hobby that will get him out of the house and being creative. Oh, and of course Will Run For Pizza now has their very own “professional photographer”. I mean, once the photographer learns how to use that camera…He will be getting paid in pizza though, so I hope he’s ok with that.

5. Speaking of pizza, I’ve had it twice this week, but we are going to use that Groupon I stole the other day for Zero’s pizza. Can’t wait! I know you can’t either. 😉 (Before you call the cops on me, I didn’t actually “steal” it from anyone…I just “stole” it for super cheap off Groupon 😉  )

6. I actually did workout this week and have that to talk about. I made it to kickboxing last night (Wednesday) and strength tonight. Last week I had forgotten my boxing gloves for kickboxing and this week I forgot shoes. If you have ever listened to Dane Cook, you know that I could have easily said “f shoes” for boxing, but since I live practically right next door to my job, I had time to stop home and grab shoes. But hopefully next week I don’t forget shorts…or a sports bra…It was definitely a dang good boxing class. I didn’t realize how sore my butt and thighs were until we started doing squats tonight in strength – in the warm up of course. Tonight’s strength was no joke either. As usual. The only good thing about it, was that it was mostly upper body/shoulders/arms, so my legs will be fine for a run tomorrow. But hopefully I won’t need to pump my arms AT ALL while I’m running! Not only are they sore as heck, but my muscles are going to be so big by the time I wake up in the morning, that they won’t be able to move anyways.

7. I think I told you guys that we signed up for Young Living oils while I was in Texas? Anyway, we got the kit the other day and the peppermint oil has already been working magic on my headaches this week! And my energy level. Maybe that is why I started getting some energy on Wednesday when I started using it first….!? The starter kit came with 11 oils – lemon, frankincense, purification, joy, thieves, pan away, peppermint, peace and calming, lavender, valor, and stress away. It also came with a diffuser – which is awesome! and we need to order another one so that us and my mom have one. I still need to order a book though so that I know more about them and which oil to use for what.

IMG_2971 IMG_2973 IMG_2974 IMG_2976



And I promise I won’t be advertising or trying to sell them – we signed up just to buy them for ourselves! But I’ll definitely be telling you about how they are working because I think anything natural that can help eliminate prescriptions, is something worth sharing! 😉

9. or am I on 10.? Nevermind, 8. I just looked. Philco’s work buddies stopped by the house the other day to see how he was doing, give him this card, and let him know that their work is outta control since he’s been gone.



Story that goes with this card: when he went in for his scope a few weeks ago, and when he went in for his surgery, the nurses and doctors actually had him fix some of their computers before his procedures. While he was laying on the hospital bed. It just really cracks me up that his work literally never ends. 😉 Not only is he crazy busy at work, but my mom and I keep him busy fixing all of our pieces of technology, and anytime he’s at the hospital for something other than work, he ends up getting recognized and getting asked to fix something. heh heh heh <insert evil laugh>

9. I have worn my winter running clothes more for just “life” than actual running. True story. Because I’ve hit the treadmill more than I planned on…Oh well. At least they are cute and comfy for “life”.

10. Tell me something about your week.



5 thoughts on “Grab some coffee (or wine), let’s have a date and chat.

  1. I love that video!!!! I am going to have to share it.
    We are have “those-type-of-days” where we feel down about ourselves. It’s life. It happens. But know we are never alone and we are always here to support each other! That is the beauty of our loved ones.


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