Pizza wasted II !!!!! And the treadmill.

IT WAS PIZZA NIGHT Y’ALL!!!!! Oh, and a run. I did the run before the pizza of course. 4 miles on the treadmill because I didn’t feel like being cold in the 15 degree weather.


I was going to do 6 miles, but my left knee was really hurting today. Ever since I did those outside runs last weekend, after running on the treadmill all winter, my knee has been sore. Last night at strength, it was really hurting during the squats, but I kept squatting along…Then today when I woke up and went to walk down the steps, It. Was. SORE! I wanted to run something today, so I figured I would just get on the treadmill and do what I felt I could do. Ya know, like, listen to your body and do what it’s telling you to do? Ya, that. That’s what I did. I set the treadmill for 6 miles – just in case – but once I started running, I knew I wouldn’t make it that far. I ended up starting out at a 6.1 pace, and then every 1/2 a mile, I increased the speed 1 notch. By mile 3, I was at 6.6. I was sure I had at least 1 more mile in me, so I kept the speed at 6.6 and did some hill intervals. Every other tenth of a mile, I did a “hill”. I started out at a 4% incline, so by my last “hill”, I was at a 6% incline. It was a good little run. So far tonight, my knee doesn’t hurt any worse. I happened to look at the group fitness schedule for tomorrow and saw Alexander subbing Total Body Conditioning, so we’ll be hitting that class up for sure. Not that I normally wouldn’t, because I love Beth too, but I was gonna skip tomorrow and give “the knee” a break. But not now.

On to the most important thing of the day – PIZZA!!!! So I’m glad I actually looked at the “fine print” on the Groupon before we went to Zero’s, because it was only good for carryout. And I had 3 ‘groupons’, but you can only use 1 at a time. So. We ordered a pepperoni – PS2’s request. I always like to order a ‘specialty’ pizza, so we ended up getting 2 – the pepperoni and a buffalo chicken.

IMG_2998zero box

zeros pizzazeros

And my personal photographer photographing our pizza. But I don’t know how to get the pictures to my laptop yet. 😦


So. The pizza. Was AMAZING!!!!! Both of them had a kick, but the buffalo chicken had a HUGE kick! It was a little too hot for my mom, but I loved it. And we tried the gluten free crust for the buffalo chicken pizza, and we all agreed we would get that crust again. Both crusts were super thin, but the GF crust was crispier –  which we like. The pepperoni had the whole wheat crust, which was still good, but not crunchy. And the WW crust had 0 grease. Next time we use our other 2 groupons, hopefully we can try different ones! They have a BBQ chicken and a margherita one that I wanna try.

So here’s how we rated Zero’s Pizza:

Will Run For Pizza: pizzapizzapizzapizzapizzapizzapizzapizzapizza

The Hus: pizza pizzapizzapizzapizzapizzapizzapizza

The Mom: pizzapizzapizzapizzapizzapizzapizza

So that’s our pizza review for the week! I would definitely recommend Zero’s Pizza. We went to the one in New Albany, but they have another location in Reynoldsburg.

And now that we are pizza wasted, we’re watching a movie – Bad Parents – sniffing Peace and Calming essential oil via the diffuser, and drinking wine. Oh, and Philco keeps looking at me with puppy dog eyes because he wants his manicure tonight instead of tomorrow night.

So what am I thankful for today?

~nice cameras


~essential oils


OH! Did you hear about the 38 year old guy that has been living off of pizza for 25 years? Yup. Apparently he wanted to go vegetarian when he was a teenager, but he hates veggies, so he decided to just eat cheese pizzas. E’ryday. A 14″ cheese pizza everyday. For 25 years. Pizza. Why didn’t I think of this?!?! But apparently when I was a wee bitty little thing, pizza was all would eat. And me madre asked my doctor if I was going to be ok and how to get me to eat other things. He told her not to worry about it because pizza has all the food groups! I knew I liked that doctor my whole life for a reason – smart one! 😉


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