Stupid knees.

My left knee is being dumb. Today was the worst it felt when I woke up and tried walking down the stairs. Not only was my back killing me, but then my knee was worse. Yay. So I took the day off and did my knee stretches that a physical therapist gave to me years and years ago. When I ended up in physical therapy back in like, 2005, I was given a few knee exercises to do, forever, but of course at the first sign of my knee feeling great, I quit. Then every time my knee starts hurting, I start them up again. Until it feels better. Good strategy eh?!

So I spent my morning with some Pan Away essential oil in my diffuser because it is for “sore muscles after a vigorous workout”. Then I had The Hus rub some of that oil on my back too.



Phillipi wanted to go to the park and try out his photography skills, so we ended up just going for a walk and playing with our new toy. Some of our work:

DSC_0077 DSC_0093 DSC_0125 DSC_0178 DSC_0251 DSC_0235 DSC_0201DSC_0072 DSC_0140 DSC_0254


I know what your thinking. You want our autographs because you can already tell that we are gonna make it BIG in the photography world as soon as we are recognized. Done. If your already following me, you can have our autographs up front, for nothing. After about 2 minutes and 2 pictures, we knew we already needed another lens. Or 2. Bring on the OT eh?! Why we both end up picking hobbies that cost an arm and a leg and our first born child are beyond me. Is there even a hobby out there that doesn’t?!

Since we are supposed to be getting another winter apocalypse, I figured I would make my toes “spring ready”. Ya know, to sort of “invite spring to show it’s lovely face anytime SOON”…



And I found some of the wine that I taste-tested at the wine festival last year, so I had to get them so that me madre could try them too…

DSC_0302 DSC_0305

Happened to find this coconut almond flavor Luna bar too, and let me just say…I’m SO glad I swiped 3. I’m going back for more.



Well, that’s it for my exciting Saturday with no running or strength class! I’m waiting to see how my knee feels in the morning before I decide on a workout for tomorrow…Usually it’s yoga on Sundays, but since I may not be able to workout on Monday because of a Dr. appointment in the evening, I really want to get some cardio in tomorrow…so we’ll see.

Are you into essential oils?

What kind of a camera do you use and how easy is it to learn and use??


7 thoughts on “Stupid knees.

  1. I’m having an issue with my left knee for the first time in my life… It sucks so much! What are some of the exercises you do to make them feel better?


  2. Oh God EVERYONE is having problems with their knees! Mine are finally starting to feel better and I can’t wait to start running again! I really can’t wait to see your post on new exercises to try to help them!


    • I know right?!?! I wonder if it has to do with hitting the pavement after running on treadmills all winter…?!? Ya, I’ll have to get that post out ASAP! I need to get pictures or video though so they make sense! haha Hope you can start running SOON!


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