Easy does it…

Mondays. Are not the best days of the week. I took more naps today at my desk than I have taken on Sundays for a whole year. Thankfully though, we didn’t get all of the snow that they were predicting. Cold temps, but not 18 inches of snow – I’ll take it!

It was 19 degrees out when I left work and the sun was shining. The Hus and I had an appointment at 6:30 that we needed to leave at 5:45 for, so I figured I had a little time to get a run in and shower. The sun being out lured me to the park instead of the gym. That, and I figured I could get to the park and home quicker than driving through traffic to the gym…However, I forgot just how cold it was. Actually, not really, because I dressed perfectly really…except for my hands. I thought my hands were frost bitten and had fallen off before I even hit mile 1. I wore a scarf so that I could pull it up over my mouth and nose (I couldn’t find the “ninja running scarf” I bought), so I ended up wrapping my gloved hands up in the ends of the scarf. I had to have looked ridiculous running with my hands wrapped in a scarf up by my head. Between my frost bitten hands, and my knee acting up, I ended that run at 2 miles. And I’m ok with that. I got out there. And I know that I really should be doing some easy runs until my knee feels better – especially since I have races coming up that I want to do!





I came home and made sure I did all of my knee exercises – which I will do a post on this week because they really help and hopefully they can help someone else too! And I did some arms with 10 pound weights.

Yesterday I never even made it outta the house, but I did end up doing some strength exercises for abs and arms while I was watching TV. I decided I should start doing ab and/or arm exercises after every run. Can’t hurt right?! My abs were sore today!

Since we got out of our appointment really late tonight, we ended up going to “our bar” – Time and Change – for dinner. Cheese pizza with black olives and banana peppers. Yummmmm-O!



17 days until spring!!! YAAAAAAY!!!!! Aaaaannnd! We change our clocks this weekend! Can I get a “whaaaaat whaaaaaat”!?

And last but not least, today I’m thankful for:

~having a cafeteria with a salad bar at my work – ya know, for those mornings you want to sleep in and not make your lunch salad…or you just didn’t grocery shop at all.



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