Kickboxing. And stuff.

So today is Ash Wednesday. The first day of lent. A day when everyone decides to give something up for 40 days of lent. I know the meaning behind lent and giving something up, but ya know what?! I have never given anything up for lent before. I know. I’m kinda still trying to figure out what to give up, but I was able to help someone else figure out what to give up! I think my suggestion might have bitten me in the butt though, but I guess we’ll find out tomorrow in strength…


When our group fitness instructor, Alexander, asked on FB today what he should should give up for lent, I kindly suggested push ups! I mean, really, we could do without push ups for 40 days right?! And i’m sure he could find something worse for our arms and back…Someone else suggested squats. Good thinkin’! Well, it just so happened that we may have had more squats than usual tonight in boxing, and I’m starting to worry that we may have more push ups tomorrow than usual…I guess at the end of the class when he told us that he decided he was going to give up “being nice” for lent, he mighta really meant it… :/ I think I might go delete my comment and suggest giving up energy drinks instead. Anyways, extra squats did make for a good workout tonight. And my butt is already feelin’ it. I think there were extra burpees in there too, so hopefully someone didn’t suggest that too.

I’m loving:





I’m thankful for:

~moving to a desk at the end of the month that is literally surrounded by windows!


And that’s all she wrote folks! Til tomorrow, don’t worry, be happy! 🙂




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