I now know what hell is going to be like and I don’t plan on ever going there.

Mark my words. I will never again offer suggestions, ask not to do something, or even remotely mention anything negative – or positive – about any exercise to Alexander. Between myself and the other girl in class that offered giving up push ups and squats for lent, big mistake. BIG! HUGE! Like I said, we had extra squats last night, but tonight, was worse. Oh you don’t think it could get worse than extra squats? Read on.

Tonight’s strength class was ALL squats and push ups. No lie.We had maybe 10 minutes of core and a cool down, but that was about it. That class was literally a round (which was usually 2 minutes) of squats, then a round of push ups, then a round of squats with medicine balls, then a round of push ups ON the med ball. Then a round of some form of squat, then a round of tricep push ups. And round and round we went. My arms were shaking by the end and even my empty water bottle felt heavy. Now my legs are starting to feel more like jelly. Oh, and insert a hysterical evil laugh in between each set…at least someone thought it was funny. I knew I forgot something Wednesday night – to delete that Facebook comment! Next time I’ll be sure to suggest naps. Or the cooldown…Clearly both of us “suggestion givers” received a lot of “thank yous” at the end. 🙂 Your welcome. At least we’ll all have great butts and arms?!

K. So, while I was listening to Pandora today, this clip came on. It’s a rapper, but it wasn’t an actual “song”. Anyway, it struck me hard, and I have to share it. It is really something that I’m pretty sure we can all relate to. It literally made me stop working and just sit there staring at my computer screen, hanging on every word. Seriously, you should take the 4:13 minutes to watch. K. Go.

I don’t even really have much to say after that! It left me speechless. And convicted. Mostly because I am totally guilty of “always being on my phone” when I’m with my Hus. And i’m always in a hurry and “have something to do”. This is something that I have actually been trying to work on lately, and this video helped put it more in perspective.

Anyhow, that’s it. My speech/encouragement/sermon for the day. Your welcome. 🙂

Today I’m thankful for:

~olives. I love them.

~the moment that i’m IN. Right now.


4 thoughts on “I now know what hell is going to be like and I don’t plan on ever going there.

  1. Ok I’m confused. So did you offer to give up push ups and squats for lent? You know you’re supposed to give up something you LIKE, right? So does that mean you like push ups and squats? Haha I’m guessing that’s what Alexander asked you and that’s how you ended up having to do them throughout the entire class…am I right?


    • Lol…No, HE was asking everyone what HE should give up for lent, and I suggested push ups and another girl suggested squats – he LOVES them both and we hate them LOL. So that’s how we ended up having to even MORE of them both! lol


  2. Where do you find these videos?! I love them. The one you posted last time, I put on my FB. I absolutely believe in being in the present. I dislike people who are ALWAYS ALWAYS on their phone. I was so against getting an iPhone for this reason. I think I am the last person in the world in that turns their phone off when they are at work. These videos are so inspiring!


    • Haha – thanks! Oh, I find them all over the place. The one was on a Pandora station actually! They inspire me too. I’m guilty of being on my phone too much. I go through phases where I delete all the social apps from my phone and then gradually I add them all back…haha


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