Die hards.

Sunday: it was a little chilly out, but the sun was shining and it was BEAUTIFUL! After church and a little nap, The Hus wanted to go to the park. Obviously, he drug me there with him since it was my day off. Let’s just say he isn’t a die hard and I really did get a rest day in after all.



That’s how far we got. It was “too cold and windy” for him. Awww, poor fragile thing. 😦 It was like 45! That’s PERFECT running weather if I say so myself! Oh well. Had a photo shoot anyhow.




Monday: Strength class. It was just ‘meh’. I’m not sore. I didn’t sweat all that much. I’m sure I got a workout – and maybe I’ll feel something tomorrow – but when I can walk out of a class without any pain, I feel like it wasn’t productive.

Tomorrow I’m hoping I don’t chicken out on my workout plans. The running store here in Westerville has a run club – I know, I’ve talked about joining it for months – but last week they started back up their track/speed workouts on Tuesday nights at the high schools track from 6:30-8. Figured this would be a good thing to do to get some help/tips/training/etc…? I’ll let ya know how it goes…

P.S. we had a YUMMY dinner tonight – from the grill!! Actually, The Hus and my mom had a great dinner from the grill tonight…they had fish cooked on the grill. I had a boca chicken patty cooked in the micro. And Trader Joes cauliflower medley and potatoes cooked in olive oil with onions and garlic – SO good! (And I did eat more veggies than that! They were half gone here before my mom reminded me to take a picture. Clearly everyone knows how things work around here with a blogger…)



P.S. It’s a sad, sad day when you go to Trader Joe’s and they are OUT OF CHOCOLATE CHIPS!!!!! 😦 Now I have to go there again this week. 🙂


How much strength/weight training do you do each week?



2 thoughts on “Die hards.

  1. Sadly, no strength/weight training for me! I need to get on that! You and the hus are so cute together! More couple selfies, please! I always look so bad when I try to take them…


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