Can’t say I didn’t try

Yup. I made it to the group track/speed workout last night! To be honest, I shocked myself for actually going. But deep down, I really do want to work on speed, and what better way than to do it with a group? They have a speed schedule set up for each Tuesday night workout, but it changes weekly and is posted beforehand on their web page. Last night was their second night back at it after taking off a few months over winter. Honestly, I don’t even know what their workout schedule was last night because there was no way I could: 1. keep up with them; and 2. do as many intervals as they did!

They are pretty fast. And, I’m not pretty fast. However, there was one girl there (who was getting over a cold and wasn’t running a whole lot), who told me that if I keep coming back, I’ll see my times drop. I’m holding her to that! ;) I liked the group because 1. they were made up of various ages;  2. it was a mix of guys and girl; and 3. they are better than me, so they will push me.  I really think this is going to be good for me. At the end of the track workout, we did a mile cool down run through the neighborhood. They did a total of about 7 miles when it was said and done and I did about 3.5. I am excited to keep going back though and see if I get any better. Next week’s track workout has already been posted:

2 x 800 with 400 rest, 2 x 600 with 400 rest, 2 x 400 with 200 rest, 2 x 200 with 200 rest, 1 x 1600

Let’s just say that I’m glad the workout is on a track so that I can’t get left behind! haha…Only lapped. :) P.S. That 1600 meter at the end of next weeks’ workout is already scaring me! And from this group run, I think I will finally join the Saturday morning runs as well. They meet at the running store in downtown Westerville at 8:00. Apparently the group has over 40 runners now, because people from the church across the street from the running store have been joining them. They said there will always be someone there who is running your distance/pace, and if you are training for Cap City 1/2 in May, they are all pretty much on the same training schedule right now. Usually people use these group runs as their long run for the week, and the running store sets up water tables throughout the paths for the run – so I’m looking forward to this new “group run thing”.

In other exciting running news, I just signed up for a 1/2 at the end of this month! Three Creeks Half Marathon in Groveport, OH. Should be a really pretty run. So this weekend I’ll do a 10-11 mile run, and then an 8 miler the following week, and then the 1/2 on the 29th!

So there ya have it. Tonight is no workout and time to finish my yummy dinner.


Baked potato with salsa, cheese, and sour cream

Today I’m thankful for:
~the weather FORECAST for Friday – 60 and SUN SUN SUN!
~the coffee creamer that Philco is gonna buy for me tonight so that I don’t waste 2 cups of coffee tomorrow because I really do hate it black and I just ended up buying coffee with creamer in the cafeteria this morning #takeabreath

4 thoughts on “Can’t say I didn’t try

  1. I am always thankful for yummy coffee creamer too! I wish there was a running group closer to me. The closest one to me is a half hour away and they always meet at like 5 pm so by the time I get out of work and then get there everyone would a gone. 😦


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