Spring is for running just as any day that ends in ‘day’ is for pizza.

You guys. (And yes, I’m talkin’ to guys AND girls by saying ‘guys’. Don’t get your panty in a bunch if your a girl and I say ‘hey guys’, it’s better than ‘yins’ eh? 😉 ) Spring is IN the air! Now throw your hands in the air and wave ’em like ya just don’t care. I mean, but you do care. So throw your hands in the air and wave ’em like ya DO care. Yes, you just experienced a day in my world of making up songs. That are already songs and I just change the words. Is that a gift ya think?! Maybe I missed my calling…

Obviously Friday has got me giddy. Clearly. And this weather.


Even with the crazy wind, this weather was too good to pass up running in.


I was that happy. Crazy wind-blown-growing-it-out-stage-hair and all.

5 miles on the beautiful Olentangy trail. Running alongside the Olentangy river. Crunching on the leftover fall leaves that were blowing all over the place.


At the end of my run, while I was waiting for my mom, you won’t even believe what I did. I mean, I still can’t even believe what I did. But believe it! I don’t have pictures to prove it, but…just believe.

I did. 6-SIX! sets of 10 push-ups. SIX SETS OF 10 PUSH UPS!!! 60 pushups!!!!! ALL ON MY OWN WITHOUT SOMEONE TELLING ME TO! I know. It’s truly progress. Oh! AND! I didn’t do them on my knees. Total beast mode right there.



YuMMMMMMeeeeeeee (in a sing-song voice).

Oh, I forgot to mention that strength was last night and i’m not sore today. Can you guess why? Sub. Yup. That is so wrong. It was a good class, but i’m not sore. Which sorta tells me I did nothing for an hour. We used the weighted bars for the whole class. That’s it. Which was fine because those suckers can give a good workout, but it just wasn’t hard enough. Obviously, if I’m still alive to talk about it…

Guess what tonight was!? PIZZA NIGHT!!!!!! The Hus has had a rough week – few months, actually – of work, so he didn’t wanna go out anywhere or leave the house. So we ordered from a new place and brought it to me him. I decided on a place called ‘Borgata Pizza Cafe‘, because 1. it was on my list; and 2. when I was hanging out with a couple long lost friends last night, the one friend mentioned this place so it just stuck in my brain all day. So. We ordered it for pick up. A 3 cheese pizza with pepperoni on a gluten free crust, and a chicken pesto pizza on a regular crust. All of their crusts are thin, so that was a plus in my book! It seems that $4 extra for a gluten free crust is the norm everywhere we go…

Borgata pizza

borgata pizza 2

So. The 3 cheese pizza had no sauce. We didn’t know this. The menu didn’t state this. If we had known, we wouldn’t have ordered that one. 😦 Philco was not a happy eater. It had ricotta, feta, and mozzarella. I like those 3 cheeses, but Phlippenphilly doesn’t like ricotta cheese. I should’ve paid more attention…The other pizza had pesto, chicken, red peppers, onions, and spinach. YUM! But PS2 wasn’t a huge fan. He’s a hard one to please. Apparently I don’t even know him anymore and I should always order 1 that is JUST cheese and pepperoni. Blah. Oh well. You don’t like it? Then starve. My poor future kids…it’ll be a shame if they don’t like pizza.

Anyhow. I liked them both. This was a family owned pizza joint. The current owners have had it for 1.5 years, but the place had been opened for 4 years. The one owners’ son rang us up and was very friendly. You could tell they were Italian. And he said ever since his dad has been running it, they have been slammed. They were busy tonight too! ANYWAYS! I liked both pizzas. BUT! I hate to say that I didn’t LOVE them. The crusts could have been thinner. They were not crunchy at all. They weren’t a regular pan crust, but they weren’t paper thin either. You couldn’t even tell the difference between the regular and the gluten free one. Overall, it was good, but I honestly don’t know if I would go back. But hey! It was pizza and I loved it anyway. 🙂

Will Run For Pizza – pizzapizzapizzapizzapizza

The Hus – doesn’t get a vote because he didn’t like it, complained the whole time, and used our Prego pizza sauce to dip his pizza in, so therefore he didn’t even eat it the way it was made. His vote is vetoed. 🙂

The Mom – pizzapizzapizzapizzapizzapizzapizzapizza

The end.

Today I’m thankful for:



~face-to-face visits with friends/family – beats texts, phones, Facebook, emails, or letters any day.

What is your most favorite meal?

And favorite place to go out to eat??


2 thoughts on “Spring is for running just as any day that ends in ‘day’ is for pizza.

  1. Visits with friends always beat texts, FB, and emails! Agreed!
    Looks like beautiful weather!!! 🙂 I can’t wait til we are in the 60s!
    When I teach and have the students raise their hand in the air I always want to add “Wave them like you just don’t care!” Love it 🙂


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