Run club and a shower song

So I didn’t want to say that I was going to go to run with the run club this morning at 8am, because I was afraid my alarm would go off and I would turn it off, roll over, and go back to sleep. But I made it! I think it helped that PS2 was working today and his alarm was set for 6am, so I was obviously wide awake once his alarm went off. Mine wasn’t supposed to go off until 6:30, so I just laid there for another 30 minutes until mine went off. I actually jumped outta bed and went straight for the coffee. (I never jump outta bed…) Even The Hus was surprised I was up. I mean, I normally don’t “sleep in” on the weekends because I get so excited for the weekend, that I don’t wanna sleep it away, but I typically sleep later than 6:30…usually about 7/7:30 – even if I only make it to the couch to enjoy my coffee and catching up on blogs while the sun is rising. 😉

Anyhow, I made it. And I am so glad I did! Now I’m kicking myself for waiting so long to join up with them. One of the girls I met Tuesday night at the speed/track workout was there, so that was nice to have a friendly face. Plus, since they set up like a race and have you group together by your pace, she was in the same pace group as me – along with 3 other girls. Since I’m usually between 9 and 10 minute miles, I stuck with the 10:00 pace group since I was doing 10 miles and wanted to get a feel for this “group running thing”. I didn’t take my phone, so no pics of this beautiful AM run, but just believe that it was a really nice path/run and the sun was out the whole time! I did take my water bottle with Nuun and a pack of Honey Stingers.

Like I said, I was doing 10 miles, 3 of the girls were doing 8 miles, and the girl I met on Tuesday was doing 12. (P.S. Twelve mile girl just started running 1 year ago, lost a bunch of weight, did a FULL marathon for her first race, and just ran a 50k in Vegas exactly ONE MONTH AGO! I know right?! Super woman.) The club (running store) has the path planned out and had 2 water stations set up along the way. You basically just run out and then turn around when you need to for your distance. There are about 3 or 4 different paths they take. I couldn’t believe how fast the first 4 miles went by! It felt like 2 minutes. The 5 of us girls were talking so much that before I knew it, 3 of them were talking about turning around at the next sign! When I got to the next mile, “12 mile girl” just turned around with me and said she would just do her other 2 miles at the end, around town. That was so nice, and it was nice to have her for my 5 miles back.


I have to say, it was really nice being done and home with 10 miles by 10am! And my little sales pitch is: if you have a run club around you, JOIN IT! I see how helpful it can be for motivation/accountability/pacing/friendships/long runs/coaching/training tips/etc…I’m just sorry I didn’t join earlier. (Sorry Liz @ 26.2×2…maybe you can start your own run club?! 😉 ) Seriously though, I highly encourage joining one if there is one available to you.

So. I came home and took a SUPER long, hot shower before going to lunch at the hospital cafe with Philco and his work crew. That shower felt so freaking good I had to literally force myself out of the shower. I stood under the hot water for probably 20 minutes. I even made up a song about not wanting to get out of the shower. “I don’t wanna get out…I’m a shower head kid…there’s a million ways this shower head can rain down on me…” Phil said it was a stupid song. (The tune was to the Toys R Us song if you didn’t catch on 😉 )

Anyway, that was my morning – run, shower, huge gigantic salad at the hospital, then “running errands” with my mom (Target because I was having withdrawals, TJ Maxx, and Ulta – aka “errands”.) Now it’s movie night – 12 years a slave and American Hustle. And wine. Lots ‘o wine. 😉

Are you a wino wine drinker? What’s your fave??

This is what my poor kid has to deal with from her dad…



4 thoughts on “Run club and a shower song

  1. Awesome!!!! We have a running club here but I have been hesitant about joining – maybe fear? But I need to get over it and do it!!!!! Sounds like you are going to have an awesome time with this group! Also you are speedy girl!!!! Your times are awesome!!!! 🙂


  2. OK I just tried to comment but it didn’t seem to work. JP used to do the same thing to Bogie when he was a puppy, only difference is bogie would just start walking under the laundry basket and move it around the room, lol. He is one fearless dog!
    And thanks for the shout out – maybe I WILL start my own running club…as soon as this bum knee is healed. I know there are a lot of people in my town who run…


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