A rest day, strength, and calling off work.

Wednesday – it was cold. It was rainy. It was dark. It made me tired. So tired that I came home, curled up in bed, and slept for an hour. Woke up and started finishing the book I was reading while The Hus was just getting home from work. When he came upstairs, he was like, “Nap time?” I’m like, “well, I just slept for an hour, but I guess I could take another nap…” Don’t tell me you don’t know what those kinds of days are! I have had a lot of “those days” this winter.

Thursday – strength. My back and abs were still sore from using that Activmotion bar I won and tried out Tuesday night, so tonight’s strength class didn’t make it feel any better. 😦 But your right, I didn’t expect anything less. 🙂 It was a LOT of arms, shoulders, and abs tonight! (I guess it always is…) Which = the back gets worked out too. Or maybe that is just me because I can never get myself to stand or lean correctly to take the pressure out of my back. :/ We did one ab move that hurt so good that I already have it in my mind to video tape it and show you. (Along with this “bar” I won that is making things “hurt so good” too.) Anyway, there were definitely quite a few new moves tonight to really work out the arms and shoulders! I really need this strength class about 3 times a week…what makes it so good, is that we do different moves every week. Sure, there are a few moves that we do each week, but even if it is the same muscles/move we’re doing, he has us do it differently somehow. Like, using a weighted bar one week, a hand weight one week, a med ball one week, or doing a move while doing squats or lunges, etc…even just little changes like that make a HUGE difference!

Friday – I warned my work peeps that I was calling off work tomorrow because it is supposed to be 60’s and sunny and then from Saturday through Thursday, it is supposed to be chilly. I figured since it’s officially spring, and still cold, I should enjoy the weather tomorrow…who’s with me??

Friday – 10 miler planned! I’ll let ya know how that goes tomorrow! 😉

Do you have anything fun planned for the weekend?

Do you like naps?? Short little power naps or long, hibernation naps???

Today I’m thankful for:

~my gas gauge in my car is no longer flashing “low fuel”

~potlucks at work with peanut butter cupcakes

~a hubby that will bake his own cookies if I drag my feet making them because I really don’t feel like baking…

And P.S. i’m not really calling off work tomorrow to enjoy the weather…even though the thought crossed my mind and I would LOVE to! 😉


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