10 miles and the morning after.

So. I made it 10 miles yesterday (Friday). It. Was. ROUGH. My legs were SO tired and sore from Thursday’s strength class. (I think I complain about my weekend runs every week because of how sore I am after Thursday’s strength class….Maybe I should start doing my long runs on WEDNESDAYS?!) Anyways, I made it, but it was so touch and go for, well, the whole 10 miles.



But the weather was TOO perfect to end my run sooner…


View from my shoes.


I detoured off the “regular” path and did the .75 trail around the pond twice – on my way out, and on my way back. That trail was PACKED with dogs! Had some nice company for a little while anyway. 😉





P.S. Learn from my stupidity. I don’t even know really why I wore these shorts, but they are NOT good running shorts! Maybe because they were the ones right on top? Just say no. Since I’m not special enough to have thighs that don’t touch (apparently that is the new “fad”? I’ll pass thankyouverymuch.) I fought them riding up the WHOLE time. It was painful. #ThankyouJesusforcoconutoil.



At least I finished my planned 10, and I did FEEL better afterwards. I really wanted to run 8 this morning with the run club – been looking forward to it all week! – but the legs would have never made it. 😦 Don’t wanna OVERdo it with my 1/2 next Saturday…So I slept in until 9. That is crazy late for me on a Saturday! But The Hus was off to work, my kid was cuddling with me, and I turned the heat off last night so my warm bed felt oh-so-good!

Last night I got to hang out with another long lost friend, Chandra. Wine and catching up and talking about hippie stuff. It’s just lovely when you find other hippies. We swapped DIY recipes, oil info, books and blogs. Now I have a long “to make” list going over here…next stop – the health food store! We already talked about going to Earth Fare together since she has never been there. P.S. she picked up wine at Trader Joe’s that neither of us have tried and it was SO good! Now I need to go get a bottle. I can’t tell ya what kind it was, but as soon as I get a bottle of this $5.99 lovely spanish red wine discovery, I’ll let you know! 😉

The morning after 10 miles breakfast:



P.S. These Alexia hash browns were really good and easy to cook up! It was our first time trying them (well, Philco wasn’t home to try them, so it was just me… 😉 ) You just cook them up in a pan on the stove with some oil – I used olive oil spray. Took about 6-7 minutes. LOVE Alexia foods!

IMG_3196 IMG_3197 IMG_3199


And Phillipi will be so proud that I didn’t burn and ruin the pans this morning! 🙂 (He’s the one that cleans all the pans…he has a “method”. Whatev. I’m good with that. Works for me!)

So Friday…Thursday, we had a potluck at work. Since I knew this, I just planned for Thursday to be a “bad food day”. And someone – or 5 someones – ALWAYS bring(s) donuts. So I was REALLY (REALLY) looking forward to a donut. Well, NO ONE BROUGHT ANY!!!!! 😦 We made sure to let the guy who always brings them, know that we were slightly – VERY – disappointed. (In good fun of course… 😉 ) So Friday, since all I could think about on Thursday was donuts, I got up early and went to Schneider’s bakery to get some to take to work. As she started boxing them up, I remembered they don’t take debit cards. Who carries cash anymore?! She said she would hold them and there was an ATM right across the street. I go to the ATM, it’s broken. Drive back home to MY ATM that is RIGHT next to our condo. Two cars in line. <wait, impatiently, telling them to hurry it up> Go back downtown Westerville (prob only really 2 miles) and get my lovely donuts. YAY! Hit, literally, EVERY red light (about 10) on my way to work. Get behind ALL the slowest drivers. Hit the automatic door opener button as I’m walking into work trying to balance donuts, coffee, purse, water, doesn’t work. 15 minutes late. Not really late though, because we have a flex schedule so I wouldn’t be technically late until 9:30, but according to MY schedule, I like to get there at 7:00 so I can leave at 3:30…But as I sat down, I thought, “Ya know, it’s supposed to be sunny and 60’s today. I have my donuts. It’s the weekend. I feel great. Who cares about the stupid little adventure I just had this morning?! I’m blessed and I’m letting it go and I’m gonna have a great day!” And a great day I had! 🙂

Moral of the story: it really IS our attitude to all the “crap” in our lives that makes the difference. We were never guaranteed we would have a problem-free life. We WILL have problems. It’s HOW we handle them. The end. 🙂

So how do YOU handle life’s little curve balls? Learn anything from them??

What are your favorite running clothes/brands?

Are you into “hippie stuff”/organic, DIY household products?



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