Sunday was for something new.

So you know how I mentioned the Activmotion bar I won? Ya, I know, I’m supposed to be putting together some pics and/or videos to show you all about it…Anyhow, when I posted about it the other night, Alexander, who teaches most of the classes I take at Lifetime Fitness, asked if I realized he taught a class designed strictly around the Activmotion bar…uhh, no?! What the heck?! The boy teaches classes at like, a million different places. I go to ONE place. Come to find out, the studio he teaches this class at – Seven Studios – is the ONLY place in all of Ohio, that has these bars. Had to try it. I mean, I have the bar. I have 5 DVD’s from in inventor. But I haven’t watched the DVD’s yet, or did as much with the bar as could be done. Lack of time this week really….excuses, excuses, I know.

So. After making sure that HE was actually the one teaching it, and there wouldn’t be a sub, my mom and I signed up for the Sunday class. (And that’s why I love that there is a church service on Saturday night.) We used to take a class at Lifetime called ‘Strike’, that used weighted bars and it was a lot of kickboxing-type moves with some cardio moves where you are just flinging that bar all over the place. SUPER good all-over workout that was a lot of cardio mixed with a lot of strength. I don’t even remember when we stopped going really…his Monday class turned to Insanity classes, which I thought I was really excited about, but I quickly realized I don’t do good with all the jumping up and down stuff. Makes me lightheaded and leaves me feeling like I’m gonna pass out. Not cool. He teaches it on Saturdays too, but I think we stopped going when he was gone for a few months taking a yoga class and there was a sub. And now I run on Saturdays, so my routine is all different!

Anyway, back to the actual topic. In THIS class, these Activmotion bars that are used, are similar to the regular weighted bars, but still very much different. They have balls in the middle of the bar that move back and forth. So ya, makes the workout THAT much more work as you try to balance the bar so that the balls are in the middle of the bar – not an easy feat. And it was still a total body workout. It just makes a lunge, or a knee lift, or a sit-up, harder as you are holding the bar trying to balance the balls in the center of the bar. Doesn’t help when he walks around and pushes on your bar either! 😉

I  can’t wait to show you more of it because it really is a great piece of equipment for working out at home and making a home gym. Again, even just doing the same moves – push-ups, sit-ups, lunges, squats – with different pieces of equipment, can make the needed changes in your body.

On that note, I have no pictures of it or the class….besides the one Philco took the other night when I first got the bar and I was messing around with it…


But I do have some pics from our movie night snacks last night! 🙂

DSC_0441 DSC_0439


Well. I’m off to take some more Vitamin C and rub some Thieves oil on my feet…woke up this morning with a cold, so I’m bound and determined to make sure it’s gone by the time I wake up in the morning!





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