Keepin’ it classy and some abs.

Taking vitamins with wine.


Keepin’ it classy.

Packet pick-up night!!!!! Yaaaaay!



Philco is all proud that “his hospital” has the biggest emblem….men.



Besides the “free” shirt, pens are the next best thing that should be in ALL race packets.

Dinner is served. And is very classy. Boca chicken patty with hot sauce and brussel sprouts.



Had a coupon for $1 off 2 bags of Kettle chips. Found this new flavor. Had to try them since they are HOT!


They were hot, but not hot enough to stop at 1…

It was still under 35 degrees today, so my mom and I went to contact – aka kickboxing – at the gym. Lovely idea. Great workout. And the AC actually worked a little today! I did find out that one of the songs that was used in spinning last night, that felt like it was 20 minutes long for a speed song, was actually only 6:22. I still don’t really believe it.

I keep saying that I need new boxing gloves, but yet I can’t seem to part with the smelly ones I’ve been wearing for almost 3 years…but it’s time because I think my knuckle bones are permanently bruised…And I just realized!!! WE DIDN’T DO ANY BURPEES TONIGHT!!! It’s a miracle!! Class CAN “get real” withOUT burpees!!! 🙂

Came home – after picking up my race packet – and did some abs. With my Activmotion bar.


THE 10lb. bar.

Did some straight sit-ups on the exercise ball…with the bar. Having all the balls inside the bar, rolling back and forth, and trying to keep them in the middle of the bar while doing sit-ups, makes a normal sit-up much harder. And every time I “sat-up”, if the balls rolled to one side of the bar, my whole body rolled, uh, OFF the ball….



This is another good ab one with the bar…



Obviously, you aren’t trying to keep the balls in the middle of the bar on this one, but when you hold the bar over your head, keeping your arms straight, and then lean side-to-side at the waist, having the balls rolling back and forth really gives an extra kick to the side abs!

Then there is this little number. I learned this from taking ‘Strike’ at the gym. And again, the balls make it a more powerful move.

DSC_0482 DSC_0481

You hold one of your hands under the bar and the other hand over the bar. Whichever hand is under, you are swinging the bar in the opposite direction. Ex. Left hand under, right hand over. Left hand is swinging the bar over to the right while the right hand is coming down with the bar coming between the legs. You are also bending your knees here and doing a sort of “side squat/lunge”. You can only imagine the “burn” you will be feeling in your back and side abs. GREAT move!

Even if your gym/home has a regular weighted bar, this move is great.

Ok. The Hus is starting last weeks episode of The Walking Dead and I don’t wanna be left behind! Hope y’all are having a great week and an even better “end-of-the-week”! See ya on the flip side. 😉





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