How to prepare for a 1/2 marathon.




Read about running and working out because you are most likely NOT doing either of those things today…


Eat pizza – or Stromboli – duh.


Get rested with a little cat nap.

On that note, I’m ready! I think. The temperature is supposed to be about 35ish and chances of steady rain. The temps I’m not sad about…it’s the “chance of steady rain”. Blah.

Oh, and my legs. I was warned last night before strength that the class was going to have a lot of squats and lunges. I asked him to remember that I had a 1/2 on Saturday, but the only response I got was the Joker’s laugh…all the way through class….no sympathy from that one I tell ya! Just building up strength eh?! 😉

Hope your having a great Friday night!! Stay up late, drink wine, eat pizza, and sleep in tomorrow! Unless you are running….then by all means, skip all of the above and HAVE A GREAT RUN TOMORROW!!!!! 🙂




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