Three Creeks Half Marathon

Well, it was a good race this morning! It was about 40 degrees and the rain held off until mile 11. This trail was really nice and I think I may have to rotate trails and use it sometime! There were lots of bridges and, obviously, creeks


Bridge at mile 7.


Another bridge


Huge bridge over a road…270? 33? I don’t even know…


Just a 5k left from the end of this bridge!


Both of the people – Jeff and Jerri – on this bridge ahead of me, told me (separately) that I have a “nice steady stride”. But clearly that was as they were finally passing me…about mile 9. When my calves started KILLING me…they run in a group together and had run 17 miles last weekend because they are training for the Cleveland full in May. This is just useless information to you all, I know, but that’s the kind of stuff you learn when you run 13.1 with strangers…Anyway, I’ll stick to my Cap City half and MAYBE Cleveland half – if I decide to do the Cleveland race. My only full marathon planned for the year is Columbus in October.

Even though my calves were starting to get super tight and sore at mile 9, I still managed to smile my way through 4 more miles…


Post run snacks.


And SOOOO glad we missed all of this!


And guess what?! I PR’d! I mean, it was only my 2nd half, but still…I was able to shave off about 9 minutes from my half last May!


I think I can get under 2:00 – yes or yes?!

Came home, took a shower, then went to the hospital to have lunch with The Hus. My personal photographer didn’t go with me today because he had to work…waaaaah…oh well, I knew it was supposed to rain, so I would have felt bad making him stand in the rain for 2 hours waiting on me anyway. Of course he would have though…he’s just “that guy”.

When I walked into his office, I was met by this hot (unhappy-looking) doctor!



No, The Hus is NOT a doctor. Even though he sometimes thinks he’s Dr. Phil, his paycheck proves that wrong! 😉 He fixes THE doctors’ computers. And the nurses computers. He’s THE I.T. guy. Apparently working in the OR today.

So anyway, me and my pretend doctor went and had lunch. I had a huge salad and a piece of cheese pizza. Too hungry to stop and show you a pic of my usual food…

Now that it is 8 hours later though, I think it is time to put the California Pizza Kitchen pizza in the oven…and bust out the wine! 😉 As I’ve already been “bumming it” in my race shirt and Pro Compression socks and had a 2 hour nap. #love

So what did you do today?

P.S. It’s snowing right now…I can’t even….seriously?! Philco and I are actually having a lovely conversation right this minute about how much we are LOVING this spring weather and talking about how we think maybe we will move to Canada because  we LOVE it sooo much and then we can deal with 10x the snow and COLDER temps for a longer period of time! (150% sarcastic btw…The Hus are I were just both gifted with the spirit of sarcasm.) I WOULD NEVER…..!

BUT! Today I’m thankful for:

~these legs that let me run 13.1 today

~the rain holding off until the END of the race!

~spring is around the corner?? or maybe the corner AFTER the next corner…?!


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