Running after running a half.

So I’m kinda sorta taking it easy on the running this week. I did nothing on Sunday, tried to run 4 miles on Monday, but ended up walking most of it because my calves and quads were still sooooo sore, and then I did a “speedy” little 5k tonight – oh, with a 1 mile trail walk afterwards with The Hus. I know, your wondering why I didn’t go to track/speed night. Because at 5:00, I was ready to go to the park and get my run in and I didn’t want to wait until 6:30 when they meet. Plus, Phillipi was going to the park, so we just went together. 🙂


Confession: when I “walk” with The Hus, I can’t keep up with him. He walks so fast. I’m typically a fast walker, but not a “speed walker”. I just constantly feel like I need to run instead of speed walk.

Confession: I’ve been taking naps. Every day. For the past, um, well, probably 8 months. I don’t know how to stop. 😦 I’m hoping with the change of the seasons and the sun coming out, that it will give me energy…

And that’s it. Now I’m about to give myself a pedicure. Livin’ it up over here! 😉

How’s your running? Training for a race??

Have you seen any good movies lately???
~we had a date day on Sunday and went to see Divergent. GREAT movie! Hadn’t read the books, which I was bummed about, but the movie was really good.




4 thoughts on “Running after running a half.

  1. I really want to see the Divergent movie, but I think I’m gonna hold off and read the books first. I’m still too injured to run…so I’ll have to live vicariously through you!
    P.S. I always feel the need to run instead of speed walking too. My hus has been speed walking a lot lately!


    • Ya, I don’t blame you wanting to read the books first. You always get SO much more from the books. Awww, are you getting therapy or anything for your injury?? That’s awesome that your Hus has been exercising! Baby steps… 😉


  2. You rock girl! Gettin’ all that running on. Now I just need to heal up my elbow and then bribe you somehow to come back and do Krav Maga with me, too 😉 Divergent is on my list to see as well. And is Fireproof still on yours??


    • Haha – I would LOVE to come back to do some Krav Maga! Now that I think about it, she never emailed me the prices…I think I still have that gift card though! I’ll have to call them…I’ve seen Fireproof, but would definitely watch it again!


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