Strength….what the?!

So I’ve been working some good old OT this week. Never made it to kickboxing on Wednesday, but I did make it to strength today. Thank God, because I would have really missed out on a good workout.

Proof of how you never know what is coming in this class…

What was even better about this little “swimming” move, was that part way through – when  most of us were probably taking a time out because we couldn’t believe this was really happening – he told us to keep swimming because sharks were coming after us. And then one of the ladies – I won’t name any names, NorXXX – turned around and looked behind her to see if there was really a shark at her feet. 😉 Ahh, it’s the little things that can make working out fun…

Thankfully, my legs should be ok for running Friday and Saturday because tonight’s workout was a LOT of arms and shoulders! I just looked at 1/2 marathon training for 4 weeks out, and I need to do 10 miles this week. So I’m aiming for 5-6 tomorrow and then 10 on Saturday morning with the run club. Oh, did I even tell you that I got signed up for Cap City 1/2 on May 4th?? Well, I did. Yay! And I think I may just sign up for the Cleveland 1/2 which is 2 weeks after Cap City…might as well race while I got the high eh?!

On that note, I’m off to down the rest of this lovely Spanish red wine and hit the hay because 4:30am doesn’t look pretty in my neck of the woods…



Trader Joes – $5.99. And it’s ORGANIC!!!! Thanks Chandra! 😉


Today I’m thankful for:

~rain. I don’t particularly like the rain (except when it’s night time and i’m ready to go to bed), but I think it just might be better than the white stuff.


~emotions…negative or positive, they allow us to relate to others


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