Running 10 solo miles with the run club. And some confessions.

So. Today was long run day with the run club. 10 miles on the schedule.

Confession #1: As soon as we were lining up by the pace buckets, I realized I never took any Imodium. 😦 I just said a little prayer that “it” would hold off…

So. I also realized that the 4 girls I met the first week, weren’t there this morning! 😦 Waaaaaaaaah! THEN! As we started off, I realized that not 1 of the other FIFTY runners, were doing a 9:00 OR 10:00 pace. Boo. And pretty much everyone was running 4 miles. There were a couple girls running 8 and 10 miles, but their pace was about 2 minutes faster than me. AND the other group that was running 10 miles, was SUPER fast! – like, a 7:00 paceSo. I was running solo. 10 miles. Which is normal for me….but usually when I’m doing my longer runs, I run at Olentangy trail where there are tons of people passing you and running/biking “with” you. On the trail we were on, there was NO ONE.

I was so sore, from head to toe – literally, even my big toe was sore! –  for the first 3 miles, that I seriously thought about turning around at mile 4 and just doing 8. But then when I got to 4, and remembered my 1/2 in 4 weeks, and that my training schedule was for 10 miles, I made myself go just one. more. mile. And finished the 10. 🙂


P.S. My butt was so. freaking. sore. the whole time. Still is. And I honestly believe  it was from the 2 minute “swim” in studio 1 the other night during strength class. In case you missed it, you should watch this and try it for yourself. Your butt  will love you for it. Just sayin’.

Also, I was sent some of these Ignite Naturals electrolyte packets to try, and I tried the blueberry today. SUPER GOOD! LOVE THEM!



Confession #2: I couldn’t figure out how to get the pouch off my Nathan water bottle. So I just carefully washed it each time by hand. Phil figured it out though. One more reason I married that boy.



And then my post run lunch at the hospital with The Hus and his work BFF, Paul.


Confession #3: I FINALLY know what the hype is about in regards to Sriracha sauce! I found it at Trader Joe’s so it was time to try it…ya know, since it was Trader Joe’s brand and all…it really beats hot sauce. It’s hot AND has a sweet tangy-ness.


Confession #4: I had my mom get me a dozen donuts last weekend when she went to visit my sis and nephew. By Wednesday, I realized that I – AND The Hus – do not have any self control this week (it’s been an emotional eating week for the both of us), so as Philco was eating a bite of a donut, I started shoving the last 5 – or 3? – down the garbage disposal. I had them hid in the pots and pans cupboard for a day or so, but even that didn’t  work. Oh well. You win some, you lose some.

Now it’s movie time – Jobs – and wine, cheese and crackers, and putting in a Young Living oil order. I know, your jealous of our crazy, exciting, fun-filled life. 😉 Don’t be. I’ll be asleep before the movie is even over. 🙂

And today I’m thankful for:

~friends. Even if we don’t see each other regularly, all the time, it’s simply rejuvenating when we do. 🙂

~answered prayers – even just little answered “requests”



2 thoughts on “Running 10 solo miles with the run club. And some confessions.

  1. My life is crazy awesome, too. I fell asleep at 9 pm watching tv after getting back from grocery shopping with the hus. Oh, and I have the same Nathan water bottle – I remember having trouble with the pouch at first, too. I used to do the same thing when washing it, lol.


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