Strike is baaaaaaack!

A few weeks ago I had heard through the grapevine – actually no, I it wasn’t “through the grapevine”, it was straight from the source – that strike class was going to be coming back on Monday nights in place of the Insanity classes. This news made me happy. I hadn’t been to strike in MONTHS. I really need to get a video clip of the class one of these nights to show you how beast this class is…your basically fighting like a ninja the whole time. Sometimes with just your fists, and sometimes with a 12 pound bar (or 6, 9, 15, 18 pounds…). It’s like training for a fight. Or The Hunger Games. Or even better!-The Dauntless faction from Divergent. You get to just fling weighted bars around like it’s your job. And for an hour, it IS your job.

I honestly believe – along with another guy that usually takes the class – that since this Strike class was replaced with Insanity classes (which I didn’t do because all of the up and down jumping stuff made me lightheaded) about 6 months ago, that is the reason we gained a few pounds over the winter. We ate away our sorrows for missing out on Strike. True story.

Anyway, now that I have something to blame a few extra pounds on, I can finally move on. It’s actually spring and I couldn’t be happier about that.

The Hus made my mom and I a GREAT dinner tonight. Actually, I planned the meal, bought everything, put it all together in the pan, and he cooked it. Only because he doesn’t allow me to use the pots and pans because he says I burn them up and he is the one who cleans them…ANYWAY! Dinner was supposed to be buffalo chicken quesadillas, but it somehow got changed into a sort of mexican quesadillas. Oh well. I love me some mexican food.


Cheese, olives, banana peppers, re-fried beans, sriracha sauce, and diced tomatoes.

In other news, I found THE. PERFECT. birthday card for my dad. When I showed it to Philco, he was like, “OHHHHHH YESSSSS! That is ALL you!!!”

IMG_3304 IMG_3305

may have been a slightly expensive child to raise…people change though…I mean, I didn’t change in that aspect (poor PS2), but I mean, SOME people change… 😉

And that’s IT! Tomorrow I’ll be back to tell you about how sore my upper body is from Strike tonight and how tired my legs are after my speed run with the club! 😉

How was your Monday?

Anything new going on in your world??

What foods are you loving lately???




2 thoughts on “Strike is baaaaaaack!

  1. Hahahaha I love that card! We celebrated my dad’s b-day yesterday and now I kind of wish that I took a picture of my card for him and shared it on my blog. It was too funny (I thought)! Not everyone in my family enjoys my sense of humor!


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