Speeeeeeed day! And lots of other randoms.

Tuesdays are for speed. Except tonight, I did speed on my own. At my own track. Not at the track with the run club. Why, you ask? (Or maybe you aren’t even asking why…) Well, I came up with a few different excuses reasons. 1. Running with the speed club makes me feel like a snail – and not the snail, Turbo, in the movie ‘Turbo’. They are all so unbelievably fast. Which is fine seeing as we’re running in circles on a track. It’s not like I would be getting left behind…but I just felt…sloooooow. And at the park, I feel like a speed demon because everyone there is usually just walking the trail. 2. Since I’ve been working OT the last 2 weeks, but NOT going to bed any earlier, to get up 1.5 hours earlier…by about 1:30 today, I was having to literally hold my head up to work. (Note to self: find a job where you aren’t sitting aaaaallllll daaaaaaay long.) So long story short, I came home and took an hour and a half nap. Didn’t wake up til about 6:00. Before I could think about what I was doing, I just left with The Hus to go to the park and do my own speed workout. 3. Um, that’s it. I guess I just had 2 excuses reasons…

horizontal pauses

So. I actually did pretty good tonight! Got in 4 miles. And after a half mile warm up, I started in on the speedy 400’s. I just did a fast 400 meter, then recovered for 400 meters. And back and forth. There were a few walk breaks during the recovery intervals, but then again there were a few 400 meter intervals where I was able to hold a 7:10 pace. All in all, it was good. I felt good. And I was good and tired at the end! AND, I even managed to throw in an extra little .20 miles at a fast pace for good measure. 😉 I finished with 8 fast 400 meters, and then 9 recovery 400’s.

IMG_3309 IMG_3315

So, as promised, I’m telling you that my upper body is super sore from Strike last night, and my legs are worn OUT! from my speed workout tonight!

Can we talk about this for a second?


That is my slipper. It is behind our bedroom door. Upstairs. I typically keep my slippers downstairs, on our shoe racks. I can’t figure out why, but lately, my fur kid has been carrying 1 slipper upstairs and leaving it behind the bedroom door. Um, she’s weird. I mean, it’s leopard print. And it’s mine. So does she think it’s her mom?! Anyway, whatev. I have left the slipper behind the door and I am no longer carrying it downstairs. Now, one slipper is upstairs and one slipper is downstairs. Hopefully both feet don’t get cold at the same time…

And just for good measure…because I’ve really been needing to laugh lately. Mainly to just avoid breaking down in uncontrollable sobs that never end. Someday I’ll fill you in on what’s been going on, but at the moment, as I’m still trying to work through some emotions and feelings on the subject, I’ll hold in all negativity. The only thing I will confess is this: I actually skipped going to a baby shower over the weekend because I was in no frame of mind to hang out with the 10 prego’s that were going to be there and listen to baby talk. True story. Please refrain from telling me what a bad person I was. I know. I’m working on things….

SO! Back to laughing! 😉

sick cards


eating emotions

hair cuts

rollover childhoods naps


And today I’m thankful for:


~wine. Here’s to hoping a glass of wine knocks me out before midnight tonight.

~razors with 5 blades. After not shaving very often over winter, it’s amazing how many razors you go through after your legs have been hibernating…


2 thoughts on “Speeeeeeed day! And lots of other randoms.

  1. Kudos to you on the speed workout. I can’t remember the last time I did one! And I love the housekeeping tip! Maybe I should have some there permanently…LOL


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