Flip flops, long runs, Ignite Naturals, abs….Not random AT all.

First things first. THIS is what’s up.


It’s flip flop time!!!



And with this weather, comes nice, long runs. 11 miles is in the books boys and girls!


At about 1-2:00 this afternoon, my abs came alive. I really don’t even remember what exactly caused this reaction from last nights strength class, but whatever it was, I need more of it. (And no, it wasn’t swimming on the yoga mats.) So for my whole 11 mile run, my abs were killing me! By mile 9, my calves were pretty much dead. I really think though, that it might be better to do these longer runs the day after strength class…because by the Saturday morning after strength, I pretty much can’t even get outta bed without assistance. Walking down the stairs and lifting the coffee creamer? Not happenin’. But I’m thinking that by doing my long run today, I may feel less of the pain by tomorrow…? We’ll see. Hoping for the best here. The only reason I did do my long run tonight, was because I’ll be busy from 9-1 tomorrow cleaning up one of the Westerville schools with a group from my church. Had to get that 11 miler in somewhere! 😉

You guys. If your from Ohio, meet The Sun.


It got me all warm and fuzzy inside. Even with the ab and calf pain. It was just “relaxing” to be out there, enjoying the sun and weather, running, and losing myself in my run. 🙂



Ok. 1. I’ve been having some pains in my heels the day after my runs. Anyone else have this problem??? I was doing some research today and am wondering if it could be plantar fasciitis…? It is somewhat painful right after my run, but it is almost unbearable first thing in the morning when I get outta bed. Walking down the stairs is awful. According to the research I’ve found, it sounds like it could be because of doing too much/too fast, too soon…or running on new surfaces….it said that it could be because of worn out shoes, but we all know THAT isn’t a problem for this pizza runner! SO! I’m wondering if the speed workouts are causing it? Or just going from the treadmill over the winter, to the pavement? I don’t think I’ve increased mileage too fast, but who only knows…

Anyways, I really did have a good run tonight! Still not running with music. I mean, I take my phone and ear buds, but don’t end up ever really using them. P.S. I tried the tangerine passionfruit IN Refresh powder, and it’s my absolute fave. Hands down. The blueberry was the bomb, but the passionfruit was yum-O! OH! And p.s.s. I’m an ignite naturals ambassador now! Woohoo! I’m excited to try more of their products, maybe offer y’all a discount code or something… 😉 And as soon as I get more technology savvy, I’ll have their link/badge on my blog as well…I’m just having a problem with the code at the moment, so I’m having to wait for The Hus to have some free time so I can recruit his genius technology skills. 🙂



On THAT note, DUECES peeps!

Anyone have any thoughts on heel pain or dealt with it before??




4 thoughts on “Flip flops, long runs, Ignite Naturals, abs….Not random AT all.

  1. I had pretty bad plantar fasciitis last year, ran Boston with it, and ended up with a stress fracture in my foot ( I think from landing wrong to protect my heel). You could try ice massage (roll a frozen water bottle under your feet). Also you should always wear supportive shoes (no bare feet) from the moment your feet hit the floor in the morning. Hope this helps and that your feet feel better soon


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