Hopes and dreams.

My hopes and dreams about being able to get out of bed on a Saturday morning without assistance, came true today. That’s right folks. Instead of allowing 36 hours to come between strength class on Thursday and my long run on Saturday, I found that doing my long run Friday afternoon – 24 hours after strength class, I was actually able to wake up this morning and get outta bed without pain! #theangelsaresinging

Even after raking leaves for 3 hours this morning, after 11 miles last night, I feel virtually pain free! But I DID also use my Young Living PanAway oil last night too, so I’m certain that helped. But honestly, I still feel like I got a workout in today with the “raking the leaves”. For 3 hours. But my oh MY was it GORGEOUS today!!! It lifted my spirits being able to do yard work in the sun.

So I’ve still been reading Kara Goucher’s book ‘Running for Women’…slowly but surely…here’s something I have to share:

“Avoid any diet that discourages the use of hot fudge.” ~Don Kardong, marathoner and 1976 US Olypmian

I like that. HOWEVER, I think we can all agree it sounds better to say, “Avoid any diet that discourages the use of pizza. AND wine.” ~Nikki @ will run for pizza, 2014 runner who eats a lot of pizza and drinks a lotta wine.

eat pizza

happy pizza

pizza is eternal

Clearly I have a problem with pizz pinterest quotes. 🙂

And today I’m thankful for:

~the people that God puts in your path, at just the right time, for the season of life you are currently in

~online shopping

~having the windows open


How’s YOUR weekend? Whatcha been doin’??

What are YOU thankful for today?




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