I blinked and the weekend was over; and YAAAAY Monday is OVER!

Sunday. Philco and I totally slept in – to about 8:00 am. Well, Philco probably slept until about 9:00, so I had a little bit of peace and quiet before the storm. 😉 Since it was sooooooo nice out, we decided to have a “lazy” day and go driving around. We went to Indian Caverns, but never even went into the caverns…figure THAT one out. And then we went driving around in Delaware, OH. It’s such a cute little town – that is getting built up – so we parked and walked up and down “the strip”.


Must come back to this wine bar.


There is a running store. I could live here.


Closed, but YAY!


I lost The Hus here…


Cute little coffee shop. WE could live here.


Yummmm-O iced coffee!


I could have sat in there with a book and coffee for hours.



And THAT was our great Sunday. And when we woke up this morning, we both kept saying how fast the weekend FLEW by (not that all weekends don’t fly by, but this one flew by even MORE), and neither one of us wanted to go to work. So I’m taking off next Monday so I can have a long weekend and I couldn’t be happier. 🙂

Thankfully, my Monday went by pretty fast and painless too – I mean the work part. 😉 The workout part – spinning with Amy – notsopainless. If you want easy, her classes are NOT the choice for you. We burned close to 1000 calories and I think we “rode bikes” at least 100 miles. Besides spinning tonight, it’s going to be running all week long because Alexander is out of town for the week. Not that his classes are cancelled, but no one – besides Amy, and Beth – make classes as hard as he does. And if it ain’t hard, I ain’t goin! I feel like it’s a waste of my time. So i’ll run it out. 😉

Do you enjoy taking “Sunday drives” and just driving around a new area and exploring?




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