I hung out with The Treadmill tonight.

That’s right. I hit the treadmill tonight. Why? Because after the horrible winter of -10 degrees for 6 months, I can’t even appreciate the temperature being 36. Plus we woke up with SNOW on the ground! What in the world?! Is the world coming to an end?? Since I can’t appreciate 36 degrees right now, I went to the gym. I really didn’t even feel like doing that, but I needed it. I set the ‘mill for 4 miles, but was bored after 1/2 a mile, so I just did a 5k and cranked  the speed up every so often.

mile 1 – 9:50 pace

1/2 mile at 9:30 pace

1/2 mile at 9:13 pace

1/2 mile at 8:57

1/2 mile at 8:41

Total: 3 miles in 28:03 with some walking at the end…


I felt better at the end, so I’m glad I forced myself, but now I’m ready for spring again. 🙂

Confession #1: I don’t really like bananas. But I eat them all the time because they are so good for runners. Blech.

Confession #2: A few weeks ago, I had bought 4 bags of chocolate chips from Trader Joe’s. Since The Hus likes to just eat them outta the bag before I can bake with them, I hid them ALL from him in various spots around the house. He found them. Tonight, I bought SIX – 6! – bags of chocolate chips and peanut butter chips from Trader Joe’s. Let’s see if my new hiding spots make it because apparently nothing is safe around here…

Do you have hiding spots in your house for some of your favorite things?





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