5 mile PR and how do you….?

Thursday strength: we had a sub. We knew it was coming because he warned us over a week ago. Needless to say, that is why I haven’t posted a lot this week – because I’ve barely worked out OR ran…true story. Is it ok to blame the teacher? My mom and I did go to spinning on Monday because it was Amy, and we like Amy. Her teaching style is just as deadly as Alexander’s. Good times. When they finally posted the subs, and we saw Jill was teaching strength, we were in. She can be brutal too – and she didn’t let down on Thursday.  So we actually did make it to TWO classes! Oh, and I guess I did do a 5k Tuesday night…ok, i’m feeling better about myself already. 🙂

P.S. try doing push-ups with your feet propped up on one of those big bouncy workout balls. You will feel like G.I. Jane.

Since 12 miles is my “training schedule” for tomorrow – and I say “training schedule” lightly, because I have sort of made up my own “training schedule” – I just did a little 5 mile “easy run” tonight. And when I say “easy run”, i’m lying. Well, I guess not totally lying because it wasn’t too brutal, but I mean, I did PR and all – and I tried for it after I realized after 1/2 a mile how fast I was running and it felt “comfortable” – and when I say “comfortable”, I’m saying that lightly too 🙂 . Anyhow. the first 2 miles clocked in at a 9:20 pace. Was my Garmin even tracking me?! Or the girl that passed me?! But it felt “comfortable” – and when I say “comfortable”, eh, you get the picture…Mile 3 clocked in at 9:26, and mile 4 at 9:32. Clearly the adrenaline rush was wearing off. Mile 5, um, dunno…But I finished in 47:12. I figured I better turn my phone off before the scouts start calling. Side note: are there even actual “running scouts”?!

photo 2


As I’m downloading the next picture, I’m wondering if THAT was the reason I was running so well…

photo 1

A miracle. I thought for sure Ohio banned any temperature above 40 degrees.

So. As I was talking texting with my friend, Rachel, today, and asking how her run went today and if she was ready for our 1/2 in 2 weeks, she replied, “No, i’m not ready. But I HAVE to do this.” So, her issue, is that she doesn’t have a problem getting physically prepared, but she has a hard time getting her head in the game (sorry Rach, i’m airing your dirty laundry for the entire world – because clearly the entire world reads my blog.). But I, on the other hand, typically don’t have a problem getting my head in the game, mine is getting my body in the game – mostly my knees.

Anyhow, I had just been talking with a girl at the gym last week, who also runs, about this same topic. She was saying how she has a running buddy who has a hard time getting her head in the game; whereas, my gym friend, has no problems getting her head in the game, but she has problems with her knees as well. Huh. Crazy. So after apologizing to Rachel because I have no idea what to tell her to help her with her head issues, it got me wondering what you all struggle with. Getting your head in the game?? Or more of a physical battle??? And what do you do to help the issue? 

P.S. Today I’m thankful for:

~a long weekend ahead of my because I took Monday off

~strawberry wine




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