12 miles and wine.

Twelve miles this morning y’all! I’m SO glad I was with the run club and actually had people to run with, because it was a rough one and I probably would’ve cut it short. Just bein’ real here. My legs were so tired. We ran from the running store in downtown Westerville over to Sharon Woods park where I typically run. I wasn’t thrilled with running at the park since I run there so often, but 1. I was with a group and 2. we had to go around the trail 2 times, so all of that helped. Most of the group was running 12 miles today because pretty much everyone is training for Cap City 1/2 in 2 weeks, so they planned this route – to run to the park, do the trail 2 times, and run back to the store – and it was exactly 12 miles.

So. With THAT being said, my Garmin wouldn’t load for the first mile, so it only shows 11 miles. Waaaah. But at least I know I actually ran 12 miles because that was what the course was, and that was what everyone else ran!



The last mile of this run, was totally uphill. A long, gradual, long, slooooow, incline. Given the fact that my legs were already exhausted, I was over this hill before it even started.

In case you missed it on Instagram, I had some pain in my heels and arches, so I tried icing them. I’m still in pain, but we’ll see how they feel tomorrow…but my aunt just mentioned that I should stretch my Achilles tendon out too if it is plantar fasciitis. So now I’m researching how exactly to stretch that out…

Anyhow, my mom and I “ran some errands” this afternoon while The Hus worked. That’s how we roll ’round here. And in case you missed that IG photo, we did not hold back on buying some new wines today…


Watermelon moscato, citrus sangria, and blueberry.

I took a “shot” of each one, and then it just went downhill from there…


Yes, a Diva shot of wine.

Now it’s movie time! Or at least until I fall asleep… 🙂




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