10k PR, signed up for another 1/2, and rewards.

You heard me right – I had a 10k PR tonight! Nothing special. Just went out for a 6 mile run and when I looked down around mile 2, and realized I was running under a 9:00 pace, and I felt super strong, I just kept pressing on and hoping to finish the 6 miles just as fast as I started. Well I did. Seriously, who am I anymore?! I seriously pretended like I was Shalane Flanagan for a while with my pony tail whipping back and forth and all…then I realized she was running 5 minute miles and I was running 9 minute miles…I just can’t even imagine….I don’t think I could get my legs to go that fast for 100 meters let alone 26.2 miles!


Do you know what that kinda run gets you??? Well I’ll tell you. This. It gets you THIS:


Before you start judging my Easter candy, this was the first bag of Easter candy I bought. And I just bought it tonight thankyouverymuch. And in my weight’s defense, I just KNOW I burned it off tonight, and if there is anything left to burn off, I’ll burn it off tomorrow. 🙂

And P.S. yes, yes it is hidden.


In my tissue box on my side of the bed – which The Hus never gets in…hopefully this is a post that he doesn’t read as well…

So. I got signed up for the Cleveland Half Marathon on May 18th! Yes, it is exactly 2 weeks after Cap City 1/2. I think it works out perfectly actually…i’ll already be trained up, so the week in between I can do a little 8 miler and be ready to gooooo! 😉 I’ll be signing up for the full marathon next week by the way. I can only sell one body part a week to pay for these dang race fees.

And I leave you with THIS:

Set your mind to be stronger than your mood. ~Ihavenoideawhotheauthoris

What’s your favorite Easter candy?

Do you buy Easter candy or just raid your kids’ or other people’s Easter baskets??


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