Easter candy, TBT, burying memories, and strength.

I might have made it through Easter without buying any Easter candy, but all of a sudden, it was clearanced, and I bought 2 bags. But you knew that. But you didn’t know that The Hus brought me this home today:


Now you know. The cat’s outta the bag.

Apparently one of his co-workers (who is the only female with my Hus and 2 other dudes…) brought the boys candy today. And I’m the happy recipient of Philco’s and his other co-worker, Paul’s. Their loss, my gain. Oh geez, I see the irony in that statement now that it’s typed out…Thank God I made it to strength then! No pain, no gain. And lemme tell you! I’M IN PAIN!!!!! I can’t even pinpoint what hurts worse – my shoulders or my back. Tomorrow it will be an even bigger toss-up because I know I will feel the pain in my abs and my butt and my legs. So hey, lots of pain means I won’t “gain” from the candy right?! Yes, I’m the queen of justifying A-N-Y-T-H-I-N-G!!!!!

So I posted a #TBT pic on Instagram, I’m sure you saw it since you probably follow me on all the social media sites… 😉 But I ended up finding another #TBT pic that I HAVE to share. And this one will make you understand why I have waited so long to do another marathon…and why I have some fears.


That was the aftermath of a full marathon that I didn’t train for. I mean, I was running 8 miles without taking walk breaks at least…And then months of physical therapy…I believe I had to call off work for 2-3 days afterwards because I pretty much, literally, couldn’t walk. Which reminds me…I need to request the 2 days after THIS marathon OFF! 🙂

Hey guys! Guess what?!

happy pizza


I tell you this because Phillipi decided to take a weekend trip down to Tennessee this weekend to visit his Fam, and ever since we decided this – this morning – all I can think about is the pizza we had down there…We will be getting it more than one time while we are down there. And my mom has already given strict orders to bring her some home!


And make sure to come back to this post Friday morning before you go to work and read this – IF you are reading this Thursday night…

friday dance


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