Race week!

Got my 8 miles in tonight. I really wanted to just do 1 lap around the park, which is 4 miles, but when you have this kinda weather, you run on.



Came home, iced and stretched my legs and feet, then PS2 wanted to go walk at the park and wanted me to go with him. Disclaimer: I did NOT want to go! But I went. I was only like, 1/2 a mile behind him the whole time…We ran to Meijer afterwards and when we went to leave there, the skies opened up.

For the rest of the week, I plan on doing spinning tomorrow, strength on Thursday, then a 2-3 mile run Friday – mostly just to stretch my legs out from the damage I will have inflicted on me on Thursday. My friend, Rachel, and I were going to pick up our packets on Thursday night, but her hubby is nice enough to do it FOR us Thursday during the day! (I wonder what he wants…?) Saves us a trip downtown, that’s all I have to say! 🙂

I just ordered some new running sunglasses today, so I’m crossing my fingers that they get here by Friday…they were shipped today, so hopefully! They are the Oakley twentysix.2. In dark plum. I wanted the green, but found the purple ones about half the price for brand new ones on eBay. Can’t beat that! I’m hoping I like them, so i’ll keep you informed. I just want them to NOT slide down my nose and NOT fog up. Too much to ask? I don’t think so….

Today I’m thankful for:

~the storms holding off until it got dark and I got my run in 😉

~my Hus pumping my gas tonight 🙂

~Modern Family reruns


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