Strength, presents, post-race necessities, and nail polish.

I know, I can be so totally random sometimes. SOMETIMES.

Strength tonight was not nice, to say the least. Is it ever though? I think YOU even know THAT by now! I may have skipped spinning – and just working out period. – yesterday, but tomorrow, I’m definitely doing a little 2-3 mile run to stretch things out before Saturday! I didn’t really do much working out this week except a 3 mile run on Saturday, 8 miles on Tuesday, and strength tonight. I wanted to “scale back” this week, and boy did I! I’m even actually thinking about taking the month off of running after the Cleveland 1/2 on May 15th, so that my feet/heels get 100% better before I start my marathon training on June 15th. PLUS, I figured if I take a month off from running, maybe once I start my training, it will help me not get burned out when I get into those looooooooooong runs?! Just a thought I was thinking today…it’s still up in the air.

Got home today and ended up with TWO packages at my front door! I like packages. And online shopping. And packages. Although the one package didn’t cost me a penny. I was selected to try Vega’s plant based, sports energizer drink, so they sent me a BUNCH of samples. Review on THAT deliciousness coming in the next month or so!

The other package was actually my sunglasses that I JUST ordered on Monday! But was REALLY hoping I would get them before my race on Saturday. And I did! YAY! Haven’t ran in them, obviously, but I like how they fit – so far! I’ll give ya a better opinion after the race Saturday. 😉


Like I said in my last post, these are the Oakley twentysix.2 glasses. On the Oakley website, they come in green (which I WANT!), blue, and yellow. I found the plum on Ebay for 1/2 the price. Fingers crossed they don’t slide down or fog up…

Oh, and if you order some and they come in a bigger box, that box is GREAT for stuffing your cat – I mean, recycling…


I think if he wouldn’t have stuffed her in there, she would have made her way in the box anyhow…those cats…

Before I went to the gym tonight, I ran in Ulta to get some Sparitual nail polish.

Exhibit A:


Bottom pic: I break rules. You make 1 nail a “statement”? I do 2 “nail statements”. #IdowhatIwant


Anyway, the whole point of the “Ulta story”, was that while I was standing in line to pay, I saw these…

Exhibit B:


I’ve been wanting something like these wipes for after I run because my face is always so sandy salty and it burns like fire. Hopefully these will help – Pacifica island vanilla hand and body lotion wipes.

After the Ulta excursion, and strength, I managed to find the arm strength to cook up an elaborate dinner. Grilled 3 cheese sandwiches and tomato soup. #IshouldgoonHell’sKitchen

soup and sammys

The end.

Today I’m thankful for:

~the postwoman



4 thoughts on “Strength, presents, post-race necessities, and nail polish.

  1. OK, this is really creeping me out. You are like my long lost twin. Last night JP made me some homemade tomato soup (as in he made it from scratch) and grilled cheese (he called it gourmet grilled cheese because he put mustard in it to dip in the soup and bring out the flavor). He is such a food connesseur! And then today I had some Amy’s Southwestern vegetable soup for lunch. The end!


    • LMAO oh my gosh. That is SO funny. I think we ARE long lost twins for sure. Mustard in it sounds really good! Phil wouldn’t like the mustard, but I sure would! Love that Amy’s! 🙂


  2. Super cute sunglasses!!

    Our cat has a shoe box that he won’t let us throw away. He sits in it all the time!!

    Have you tried the Trader Joe’s roasted tomoto and red pepper soup? It’s amazing!!! And really good with grilled cheese sandwiches! 🙂


    • Thanks! Cats. That is so funny. They crack me up with their little personalities. So different than dogs. This is my first cat and I’ve been pleasantly surprised by how much she IS kinda like a dog because she is like my shadow and loves to cuddle. And begs for food like a dog. Lol
      Haven’t tried the soup, but I’ll have to! Sounds good!


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