Cap City’s 12th Half Marathon 2014

Second half marathon of the year is in the books! My official time said 2:10:42, and my watch said:


I guess I’ll go with the official results and take the 3 seconds! 😉

I guess I’m pretty consistent, because my time at the last half marathon in March was 2:10:25. I really need to work on the last 3 miles. Just a 5k. That’s what I tell myself and then I lose all energy, strength in my legs, motivation, and it’s all downhill from there. However! Yesterday, it wasn’t all downhill from there! – It was all uphill from there! LITERALLY! Cap City changed the route this year, which was a nice view and it was pretty run (although I don’t remember what we looked at last year because I wasn’t really looking around…), but they definitely “saved the worst best for last”. Hills. HILLS! FOUR hills to be exact. Maybe it was 5? IN THE LAST 3 MILES!!!!! I believe my exact words in my head were: “what have I done, I signed up for another one of these in 2 weeks? And I WANT to do a full marathon in October?! What the HECK am I thinking?!” (P.S. I AM signed up for the Columbus FULL marathon in October! Signed up this morning so I couldn’t keep thinking about it and talk myself out of it.)

Anyway, let’s go back to the beginning. Rachel and I lost each other – I thought – in the first mile, but she said we lost each other in the first 45 seconds. Oops. She said she lost me when I started weaving in and out of people. I just like to TRY to get outta all the “congestion” in the beginning. And I’m really thinking I’m messed up because I have come to realize, that no matter how I start, I’m GOING to slow down by the end. So, if I start at a 5:00 pace – because who doesn’t start out that fast – I will end with a 10:30 pace. But if I start out at a 10:00 pace, I’ll end with a 15:00 pace. So I’ve just started going out a little faster than usual, which actually feels comfortable, until the last couple miles…

So. I was on my own and she was on her own. I quickly found a Rachel look-alike though – in blonde – who was doing about a 9:30ish pace, so I just started following her.

blonde rachel

Until mile 10. When the hills started. And I stopped. I mean, not literally, but the pace stopped. I ran like a turtle up the first 2 hills, by the third hill, I had to walk for like, 10 seconds. Got to the 4th hill – which was literally like, mile 12.5, and I had to walk for about 20 seconds. That was when I heard Alexander’s voice say, “why would you stop NOW?!?” (He says that in class a lot.) And I heard a lady yell, “just one more left turn and your home free!” I saw the turn right THERE, and was able to start running again. At this point, I was so ready to be done running, that it was an all out sprint to the finish. By sprint, I mean like, a 9:30 pace, which felt like I was at a 5:00 pace. But NOT. 😉

Of COURSE I felt great seconds after the finish line. And KNEW I made the right decision to do this again in Cleveland in 2 weeks. What finisher doesn’t think that?! 🙂

I fueled during the race with some Ignite Naturals InRefresh electrolytes and my usual Honey Stingers. Works every time!

Meanwhile, The Hus, and Rachel’s Hus, took over 300 pictures. Of I don’t even know who or what…


We. Are. Ready.


Mile 8.


Mile 8. Rach with her cheerleader.





I decided that next year, I’m getting the boys shirts made. Phil’s will say ‘Nikki’s cheerleader’. And Don’s will say ‘Rachel’s cheerleader’.

Afterwards, blueberry pancakes and BACON!


Nap for the photographer.


Nursing a blister.



Chipotle for dinner.


The morning after, my feet are a little sore and in pain, but not as bad as they have been. I think I tapered really good this week and not running a lot really helped. Along with icing and stretching my heels everyday, all day, at work. Makes me think my decision to take a month off running after Cleveland, is the right decision.

Oh! P.S. The new sunglasses? Fogged up around mile 2 and I ended up carrying them for a few miles. Put them back on later, and they were fine. So now I’m going back and forth on returning them and looking for ones that are smaller. I think my cheeks are too chubby because they touch my cheeks and then I don’t get much air to keep them NOT fogged up?! So that’s that.

The end. 🙂


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