Workouts, missions, and choose your battles.

Since the half on Saturday, my calves and quads have been SORE and tired! I DID go to strike last night though, and spinning tonight! I may have been slow, but I survived. 😉 Strike on Monday was literally ALL bar! Typically, we’ll do some stuff without the weighted bars, but last night’s class involved holding the bar for pretty much everything! It was kinda fabulous. My shoulders and arms might not have liked it, but I did. 🙂 And tonight’s spin class was speed. And again, one of the songs was like, 20 minutes long. Of speed. As fast as you can pedal. Good times. Hopefully cycling as fast as you can for 60 minutes will help improve my marathon times? One can only hope…

I’m trying to taper on the running for this week and next week since I have another half marathon on the 18th. I’ll probably do a 4 mile easy run tomorrow, then an 8 miler on Saturday with the run club…I still need to plan out my “taper” runs for next week…

After spinning tonight, I came home and did some abs and back exercises with my Activmotion bar.

It was all fun and games until the bar made me lose my balance on the ball and I went flying. Not the best moment to have given my phone to The Hus to take a picture of me doing the actual exercise…



Now I’m on a mission to get The Hus to fund this little excursion…

The Cedar Point Half Marathon Run and Ride! Run a half marathon through the park, then spend ALL weekend riding rides? Um, hello fun weekend! 😉 I’m a really bad saleswoman, but I’m trying my hand at selling it to Philco…Stay tuned to see how I did.

Have you guys tried these?


OhmygoshYUMMMM! They are hot though, so you have to like spicy-hot stuff! SO worth it!

This is one of those moments where you have to “choose your battles”.



At least he leaves all the recycling stuff in the sink and doesn’t throw it out right?! I’ll gladly wash it all out, put it in my recycling bag, and drop it off at the recycling bin! #savingtheworldonecanatatime 🙂



2 thoughts on “Workouts, missions, and choose your battles.

  1. That’s swesome that he got a pic right when you fell off. That is totally something that would happen to me! I haven’t tried the Thai Chile Almonds, but I have tried the Wasabi ones from Blue Diamond Almonds and those are delicious. I’ll check out the Thai Chile next time I head to TJ’s.


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