I lost my appetite and a confession.

The heat and sun does great things – makes you sweat out those toxins, gives you a glowing tan, and, whadaya know, a loss of an appetite. Can I get a “heck ya!”? It was SUCH a nice day today – 80’s actually, a temperature that I never thought we would see ever again. I was actually able to wear shorts and a tee shirt to run in! Boo ya!

photo 1 (1)

When I was finished, my appetite was completely gone. #ThankyouJesus. The pounds I wanna lose just may come off faster if I just run in 80 degree weather everyday! 🙂

Although my running was anything but fast. I had a few little “bursts” of “fast”, but for the most part, the heat made my legs tired pretty early on. Don’t mistake that comment for complaining though! – I am SO happy to be trudging running in the heat instead of the ice/cold/snow/rain/hell.

photo 2 (1)


I have a confession also: Remember that time I bought Easter candy after Easter? Well, after eating the whole bag of the coconut Doves, and 1/4 of the mini Reese’s eggs bag, I threw out the rest of the Reese eggs. Yup. True story. I came home Monday, ate 2, entered those babies in my fitness pal app, shed a tiny tear for empty calories and the crap chemicals I just ate, and buried the bag in the bottom of the trash can. Ya know, so I couldn’t dig it back out later…

In other chocolate news, Philco found a bag of chocolate chips and peanut butter chips. They were well hidden too. He’s a good searcher. Can you believe he actually put them right back where he found them though?! Men.

The end.


8 thoughts on “I lost my appetite and a confession.

  1. Hahaha I am totally guilty of burying shit in the trash in hopes of not wanting to grab them later. Way to toss the treats, those Reese’s eggs are SO good. I hate running in the heat….but I still try.


  2. I wish the warm weather would get to Montana to stay. It snowed this morning. Just a little… But still. Nice Garmin. I came home today to a black one just like it in the mail box. An early bday gift from DH.
    Nice blog, btw. I’ll be back to check it out again.


  3. I love that it is gettng warmer. It makes runs so much better and my pup is happy because he gets to go on long walks!! Great job on throwing out the candy!! My fiance can’t find any food item if it is not in plain sight, so if I want to “hide” something, I just have to put it behind something else.


    • Aww puppy walks! I can’t wait until we can have a dog to take running with me. I had those Reese eggs hidden in the freezer behind a bunch of a stuff for a week and a half and he never found them! Apparently the chocolate chips are where it’s at for him…haha


  4. You do realize that by NOT eating, you’re setting yourself up for either a) a wrecked metabolism or b) a binge
    You’re a runner. You need food (fuel. Duh.


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