Strength. And sharing. Or not.

It’s Thursday y’all!!!! (spoken in a sing-songy voice). In case you missed my Instagram pic, this happened tonight in strength class:


Clearly that is just a reenactment at home of what happened at the gym…there is no time to stop and take a picture in class. And I could only imagine the looks I would get if I was taking selfies in the middle of a group fitness class workout. #weirdo #whyareyouhereifyouaren’tgoingtoworkoutbutjusttakeselfies

These little moves were squats with a weighted bar on your shoulders & a figure 8 band around your feet. Do a normal squat – with the bar on your shoulders – then when you come up, lift a knee – and feel the resistance from the band. #burnbabyburn There were some other moves that would be worth sharing with you, but at this time, I am not able to get down in a plank position. For the moment, I’ve lost all strength in my arms.

I really don’t know where he comes up with his stuff, but it’s good. It kicks your butt, and is totally legit. We did a crap ton of triceps stuff tonight, so I KNOW that muscle is going to be sore and bulging tomorrow. 🙂  I’m glad I’m not running tomorrow. And Saturday’s run is a kinda-sorta small run – 8 miles. No big. So the fact that my legs and butt are going to be really sore Saturday morning isn’t really a concern. Yet. Until I start actually running. 

So. I don’t know if I have confessed this or not, but here goes nothing…I. DON’T. LIKE. TO. SHARE. MY. FOOD!!!!!! I may or may not have the meanest, dirtiest face when you steal something off my plate. Just sayin’. The Hus knows this look really well. And yet, he still continues to try to steal bites off my plate. MY plate! Clearly it’s plain to see that I am not a mom. I would only hope this devilish trait would naturally go away IF I was a mom…

Anyhow, I was quite proud of myself the other night, when I decided to share my dark chocolate almond milk with The Hus. <pats myself on the back> I think he was a little shocked and confused too, because he carried it to me and said, “You left your chocolate milk by my computer.” Yup. I did. The other half is for YOU Hus. I think his exact words were, “Really??? Are you suuuuuure?? I don’t have to have it if you really want it…” I know. He’s the epitome of a sharer, and I’m the epitome of a non-sharer…I guess that’s why we are great together – he will give me his last bite, and I will take it. 🙂

On the real though, before you start bashing me and telling me I should be nicer because he’s “such a nice guy”, I DO know this about myself, and it’s something I’ve been trying to work on…we’re ALL a work in progress, eh?! 😉

What made this scenario funny, was that tonight, when he was bringing me my pizza, it arrived to me like this:


Obviously, he has learned a thing or 2 after 8 years and has decided to stop asking and just start taking before he has a chance to get “the look”. 🙂

And last but not least, today I’m thankful for:

~being able to open the WINDOWS!!!!!

~pizza. of course. 😉

P.S. I’m so hyper right now from my workout and pizza, that I would LOVE to just go for a run right this second! Yes, at 10:00pm. But that is a sure-fire way to make sure I NEVER get to bed tonight!


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