Strike and sleeping in pizza.

Had a rest day yesterday – yaaaay for rest days! 🙂 Tonight was strike – with some, ballet barre mixed in? Ya, something like that. All I have to say is, after the 1 “barre-ish” move we did tonight, the obliques just might show through tomorrow…MIGHT. I’ve never done a barre class – although I’m signed up to take one at the end of the month – but from the move we did tonight, I can see you need balance. And it will Work. Your. Core. I LIKE IT!

Anyhow, that was my Monday workout. And that was the only exciting thing for the day. Seriously. It was MONDAY! The next best thing is going to be glass of wine I’m about to pour. 😉

Oh, this just in though – and it’s running a tie in 2nd place to my glass of wine:


Have you ever SEEN such amazingness?! A coworker just sent that pic to me…pizza rocks.

P.S. I just finished watching DWTS. Can I just say how much I LOVED Amy and Derek’s “table dance”?! LOVED it.

Do you watch DWTS? I want to dance like that. Seriously. But I’m not “limber” enough…


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