100% random

~ I skipped spinning tonight. I feel kinda crappy about it. But I actually feel crappy…Like, stuffy, sore throat…bah.

~ Came home and took an hour and a half nap.

~ My left knee has been kinda “giving out” on me the last couple of days. I felt it last night in strike when we were doing a few different moves…I don’t like it. Don’t like it at all. I have running to do! Hopefully it’s not a complete monsoon tomorrow so I can run 2-3 miles then go to a hip hop class in downtown Columbus. That is outside. 🙂

~ I am a pro gum-chewer. With that being said, I’m a pro gum-chewer as long as I don’t have to see your gum, or hear you chewing your cud gum…please chew responsibly. 🙂

~ I forgot to tell you the other day, when I was running my 8 miles on Saturday, I passed a lady who was running with a spray bottle. True story. She was spraying herself as she passed me, so I got a little “cool down”. Good idea…? Maybe, but you won’t catch me running with a spray bottle…maybe dumping my water from my water bottle on my head…but NOT a spray bottle…I already have enough to carry when I run.

~ Have I mentioned how much my furkid loves shopping? – I mean, bags?



Yes, that’s an old picture from Christmas, but I just found it on Philco’s phone…

So. How’s your week? How’s your running?? Have you started training for a race??? If so, are you going to carry a spray bottle???? 😉


4 thoughts on “100% random

  1. Hahaha no I will NOT be carrying a spray bottle with me when I run. I’m with you, I have too many other things to carry when I’m running (like myself lol), and would prefer the method of pouring water from my water bottle all over myself.


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