4 mile monsoon run

So I was supposed to do a 2-3 mile run tonight and then I was going to go downtown to the Columbus Commons for a free, outdoor, hip hop dance class. (The Columbus Commons does this every summer, but I have yet to partake after I register…and you would think I would want to go since all my sweat/gym buddies go, and the best group fitness instructor EVA teaches kick-boxing AND the hip hop class…but no, I haven’t gone.) Well, it was supposed to storm all day and when I could tell it was starting to rain, I knew the class would be cancelled. (Low and behold, it was.) So The Hus and I rushed over to the park. I did the 4 mile trail and Philco walked the 2 mile trail. Guys. My best EVA! I dunno if it was the thundering that pushed me to go faster…or the tornado sirens going off…either way, I’ll take the lap pace I did for the first 2 miles!


My 3rd lap slowed down because I had to take a little walk break for .20.

And the grand finale – minus fireworks.


Side note – I JUST told PS2 the other day, that I wanted to do the Women’s Running magazine 1/2 marathon in Nashville this year – it would benefit HIM too, because he would get to visit his fam…sometimes I have ulterior motives. 😉 Then I saw the medal in the magazine today.


Not that I’m a cowgirl or anything…I mean, I was raised in the country, slept in a barn on some bales of hay in between cows (it was a tradition with a couple of my friends because the one lived on a Holstein farm…), and we went to the rodeo every Friday night, but ya know, I never owned a pair of cowboy boots! I did when I was really little! I remember my Papa taking me to get them. Anyway, the point IS: I may not be a cowboy-boot-wearing-cowgirl, but I like that medal! 😉 (And one day, I WILL have a ranch! 😉 ) So who’s with me? The race…we could totally go for pizza afterwards! 😉

So far, my knee feels pretty good today – no giving out. And it felt good and strong during my “monsoon” run – it really was a monsoon this time – so I feel confident for my 1/2 on Sunday.

Speaking of…I just got a race email today with my bib number – #10343. I’ve never had a number that high. In all the 5 races I’ve done so far…AND! This race starts at 7am. Oh. Em. Gee. This will be interesting to say the least…I should have thought more about that and practiced running a little earlier on Saturdays…On the up side of all of this, I found a list of the 10 best pizza places around Cleveland that I want to try. Lucky for The Hus, we may try one on Saturday night AND Sunday after the race. 😉

Have you ever done a hip hop dance class?

What’s your favorite race medal??

Have any new foods lately that you are absolutely LOVING on???




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