Five things.

Hi friends. 🙂

Hope your Monday was just as blah and non-productive as mine. 😉

1. Socks. I’ve been kinda wanting to try the Balega socks because my socks fall down in my shoes and I get blisters on my heels. 😦 But I didn’t want to shell out $12-$15 for 1 pair. So. When my mom and I were at Marshalls the other day, we found these. They work.  They rock. They are NOT $12 a pair. They are $6 for 6 pairs. No blisters after the Cleveland half! 🙂


(Just don’t ask me right now what brand they are because I don’t know off the top of my head and i’m too lazy to run upstairs right now. Truth.)

2. Spinning the day after a long run or race is seriously the cure-all for me. I think I have discovered that if I do spinning the very next day, it loosens up my muscles and by the 3rd day, I’m great! If I do NOTHING the day after a long run or race, my legs are stiff as a board by the 3rd day, and then my workout that day is torture. When in doubt, spin it out. Ya, I just came up with that. Remember, “all the brains”… 😉

3. Anyone else feel the same way during their work week?

work & after work


4. I just got these BioSkin calf sleeves in the mail today, so i’m “recovering full speed ahead”! My calves feel tight and compressed at the moment, so I’m anxious to see how my calves feel tomorrow!

IMG_3749 IMG_3748


5. Just because I didn’t get some yummy Cleveland pizza over the weekend, doesn’t mean I’m being pizza-neglected.


Pesto, spinach, olives, banana peppers, onions, tomatoes, green peppers, cheese.




Today I’m thankful for:

~ sleep. After virtually NO sleep Saturday night, I’m so thankful for last nights’ sleep.


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