Pool running, an update on plantar fasciitis, and losing fitness

So I had mentioned a few weeks ago, that after the Cleveland half marathon last Sunday, I was going to take the next 4 weeks OFF of running. Until June 15th. When I start marathon training. Well, 2 things made me change my mind – POOL running, and reading an article on how quickly you can lose your fitness level.  Not only that, but my left knee started hurting a little bit again this week. Boo. So I’m feeling a mix of: ‘I-don’t-want-to-lose-my-fitness-level’ and ‘I-want-my-knee-to-get-completely-healed-before-I-start-marathon-training’. Can ANYONE else relate?!

I had read about pool running from HRG a while ago, but she just recently got injured again AND is training for a marathon that is in 22 days, so she just started pool running again. So reading about her doing it while she was marathon training, made me think it might be worth a try NOW – before I start training…So I went out and bought an aqua belt at Dick’s. It’s a Speedo aqua jogging belt. For never having used one of these, it’s pretty comfortable actually. It just took me some time to get it tight enough because it kept riding up my back, and you don’t want it that high up because you are wanting your head and a little bit of your shoulders, out of the water.

IMAG0004[1] IMAG0005[1]

I had watched some videos on pool running that show you how to actually do it and what form to have, so I was prepared. Here are a couple links to some YouTube videos that give you some demos and instructions:


I went to the pool on Wednesday to test this “pool running” thing out. First thing I noticed pretty quick – I was sweating! Yes, sweating in the pool. And I was breathless. That’s exactly how I want my workouts to be too – sweaty and breathless. Makes me feel like I did something. (I know you don’t need to be drenched in sweat and in zone 3 or 4 to have a good workout…I just like that feeling if I’m doing cardio 😉 ) I did this for 20 minutes and my legs were tired at the end. I would have done it longer, but I had someplace to be 30 minutes later, so I did what I could fit in my schedule. Better than nothin’ eh? There were a few times I had to remind myself to keep more upright – I would find myself every once in a while leaning too far forward or back. Overall, this will definitely be something I continue doing for the next month to give my knee a little break from the pounding – before I OD it on the pounding ;). And it will make me feel like I’m keeping my fitness level a little bit.

That leads me to my next point that made me second guess my decision to NOT run for a month – I read this article on losing your fitness level, and realized I don’t want to take off more than 1-2 weeks of running if I don’t really have to. Sure, I have some pain in my knee that I don’t want to get worse, but for the most part, I don’t need a huge break. So I figure with all of the cross-training I do, plus now the pool running, I will be fine taking some time off. I plan on doing 1 or 2 short runs each week until the long, grueling training begins. And on that note, I’ll run my first run tomorrow morning since the half last Sunday. Planning on doing 5 miles – not too much, but enough to make me feel it. 🙂

Also, in case you were wondering how my feet/heels/self-diagnosed-myself-with-plantar-fasciitis is doing, they are doing MUCH better thankyouverymuch! I wasn’t so consistent with the icing, but I was 150% consistent with stretching my Achilles’s tendons. I pretty much just sat at my desk all day and “stretched it out”. And I truly believe THAT did it.

So, with my feet and heels being in check, and giving my knee a little break for the next few weeks, but keeping my fitness level up, I’ll be ready to start training on June 15th. 🙂

OH! ALSO! The BioSkin calf sleeves I told you I was trying? UH-maaaazing!!! My race was on Sunday, I got the calf sleeves in the mail on Monday, I wore them Monday night while I slept, and by Tuesday morning my calves didn’t even feel like they ran 13.1 miles 48 hours prior. BioSkin has a knee sleeve too, so I was kinda thinking about just getting it in case my knee does start acting up again. And P.S. you can click on the BioSkin badge on my page to go straight there. 😉 I highly recommend their products if you have some aches and pains holding you back!

And now I’m ready for my 3 day weekend! Bring on the bike rides (since I just conned The Hus into getting us bikes last night), run, barre on Sunday, movies, food, and wine! 🙂

Hope you have a nice, long, relaxing weekend too! Have anything fun planned?? (Mom, don’t answer this because your answer – work – isn’t ‘fun’. Sorry about that.)

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2 thoughts on “Pool running, an update on plantar fasciitis, and losing fitness

  1. Oh I totally relate to the knee pain, plantar fasciitis AND losing fitness. Pool running is great! I did a lot of this when I was on vacation last month (along with lots of elliptical), and the combination was the perfect way for me to ease back into running. I think a lot of my knee pain came from over-extending on the treadmill all winter – since I’ve been running outside, I’ve felt much better. I guess next winter, I’ll just have to suck it up and run outside!


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